Vaping Performance

There are four central vaping outputs loaded onto the GENE.FAN.FIT chip. Users can choose from power (aka wattage mode), temperature control, voltage, custom (aka curve mode, spelled “Cruve” on the screen). The mod, or the chip, does not quite seem to hit its 217W rating even with two 21700 cells installed.


Using the lower-capacity types only confirms this fact, as the vape felt like it was closer to a 150W or a maximum 200W. In Power mode, users also have two boost options to provide a preheat setting, but they do not drastically improve the vapor quality.

The Curve mode allows for more versatility as users can pre-program up to five different slots. You can program the voltage for a span of ten-second with one-second increments. The temperature control feature on this chip is also dubious as the highest temperature still feels like it is missing something. The highest temperature on the GENE.FAN.FIT is 600F, which is a standard value, but it still feels like it could be a little stronger.

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