Why Vaporizers and E-Cigarettes Are Becoming So Popular Among Teens and Young Adults

An electronic cigarette is a hybrid electronic device which essentially mimics conventional cigarette smoking in one way or another. It usually includes an internal battery, a heater, and a tank like a disposable bottle or tank. Rather than smoke, the smoker inhales vapour. As such, using an electronic cigarette is frequently described as “vaping.” A lot of people are using this method because it is more convenient than conventional ones, plus they do not have to worry about the chemicals contained in tobacco.

The vapor produced by an electronic cigarette contains three main components: nicotine, water, and glycerin. In addition, they typically include other chemicals. The majority of vaporizers do not contain any chemicals. Some do, however, which can be very dangerous. Below are some of the most common types of e-cigarettes.

The type of the vape to look out for would be the secondhand smoke Vaporizers that do not use any chemical ingredients and use water instead can be safer than traditional cigarettes. However, secondhand smoke is still dangerous as secondhand smoke is considered to be even more toxic than cigarette smoke. Secondhand smoke has been proven to cause many health problems including lung cancer. If you are going to use an electronic cigarette of any kind, make sure to use one that does not produce secondhand smoke.

Electric pens or gel pens – Also known as e-pens, electronic pens are battery-powered devices that you can use on the go. You can either keep an e-pen with you at all times or charge your e-pen when you need to use it for a while. They are very convenient because there are no pesky wires to deal with and they also do not produce any hazardous vapors or smoke. There is a small fee involved with electric pens but they are well worth the price. Many people have found that using an electric pen while puffing on a traditional cigarette works best.

Flavored E-Cigarettes – Surprisingly, flavoring e-cigs are less harmful than regular e cigarettes. Most flavors are sweet and some are herbal, but they are still harmful because they contain nicotine. These flavored e-cigs are made to enhance the flavor of your regular e cigarette and they are less harmful because nicotine is not in them. It is rare to find real flavored e Cigels, but they do exist and they can be great for those who are trying to quit smoking. If you enjoy drinking coffee, tea, or chocolate, then this would be a great option for you.

Fruit Flavored E-Cigarettes – Most fruit flavored e Cigels actually have a fruit flavor to them. This may help make them appealing to young people who want to quit smoking. It may even help them to be more motivated to stop smoking as they do not get their fix through tobacco. These are great options for teens who are trying to stop smoking, but they may not want to use real cigarettes. They may enjoy the flavor of the fruit.

The reason why many of cigarettes and vaporizers are becoming more popular among teens and young people is because it is much safer than smoking cigarettes. Tobacco contains hundreds of chemicals that may cause cancer and most teens and young people would prefer not to inhale these chemicals. Vaping allows them to inhale all the way through the device, without ever having to touch a cigarette. As long as they follow the directions on how to vaporize their liquid nicotine, they will never experience the horrible consequences of smoking.

Many vaporizers and the cigarettes are also made to resemble real cigarettes, so young adults can easily pick up the methods of smoking a regular cigarette. They do not need to purchase an expensive real cigarette. All they need is a vaporizer or an e cigarette and they are all set to go. There are also plenty of flavors to choose from, which makes vapes and e cigarettes a great way for teens and young adults to try to quit tobacco products. This is one of the biggest reasons why vapes and the cigarettes are becoming so popular, it is a healthier alternative.

A Vapor Review of the New Vaping Pod Modules

If you are new to the world of electronic cigarettes, or vaper’s world for that matter, I urge you to take a look at this Vaporizer Review. Specifically we’ll discuss the newest flavor from Vaperking – Pods. If there is one company that has come up with an amazing product yet again, it’s Vaperking. They have really outdone themselves this time.

vape review

It is so cool that they have created a unique vaporizing experience in the shape of a pen. This vaporizer comes in the form of a pen and is used just like an actual pencil. It is called the Pod System, and it allows you to easily vaporize your e-liquid with the press of a button. When you hold your pen in the Pod System, it inhales through the heating element that creates a vapour containing a precise amount of e-liquid for you to easily breathe through your lips. It is that easy.

The reason why this product from Vaperking is so unique is because it does not use any type of filter, like all of the other similar vaporizers on the market. This makes this device very new vapers friendly. Also, it allows you to have a great tasting e-liquid without having to constantly purchase a new bottle to refill. Now, that’s smart business, especially for new vapers like you.

The new Vaporizer produces a vapour that almost smells like an ice cold beer, and that’s a good thing. We have all tried those electronic cigarettes that taste like metal and burn your throat, but cost so much money. Not everyone is able to spend hundreds of dollars on an electronic cigarette, so they need a cheaper option. Well, now you can experience the best tasting liquid ever made without breaking the bank.

The vaporesso target pm80 pod system from Vaperking is the lowest priced of the vaporizers available on the market. This system uses an aluminum plate to put the heating element directly over the heating coil. By using a convection fan at the bottom of the unit, you can heat the system from the bottom up, creating a very even heat distribution.

These Vaperking batteries have been specifically designed for both single and dual battery use. They come with two removable aluminum plates that are designed to keep the coils clean and free from metal fragments and other residue. This helps eliminate dry skin and other problems that can occur from a dry skinned coil. If you enjoy using your device, but find that it isn’t working properly, just remove the battery and replace the old, dry coil with a new, fresh coil.

Another feature that is included in this awesome kit is the ability to adjust the temperature of the coil. This means that you can change the flavour of your e-juice according to what you are smoking. It’s an excellent feature if you enjoy experimenting with different flavours in your vaporizer, and if you want to change the consistency of your liquid so that it is either thick or thin, you will be able to do that as well.

The uwell caliburn Pro Series vaporizer by Vaperking has all the features I’ve talked about above, and then some. It looks great in a display case, and the actual device itself looks great as well. The quality and durability of these devices are superb, and I’m sure you will enjoy them for years to come. If you want a good all round daily e-juice, you should seriously consider a well caliber Pro Series.

If you like to experiment with multiple flavour combinations in your e-juice, you should think about the Vaping Pod Systems. These systems have a very neat, professional look about them, and they have tons of extra features that will help you enjoy more of the great things about vapes. The Pod System is essentially the replacement for your normal atomizer. You can simply put this in your pocket, and you will have endless options. There are several different sized pods, and the system is designed to accommodate everyone from individuals with very sensitive skin to those who are very hard on their equipment.

The vapor cartridges for these systems are also compatible with the Pod System, and the system works by having individual cartridges for various kinds of tanks. The cartridges are easily interchangeable, and there are plenty of options when it comes to getting different coloured tanks too. The system allows you to be able to use your normal mod bars for all your normal mods, and then you can use the special cartridges to do things like put your flavours into them or to mix in your other mods. This is a really cool aspect of the system, and it really helps you to experience the best of both worlds.

Overall, these new vapers have something really cool. They have something that no one else has, and they are turning heads everywhere. When you see someone enjoying a drag from their new vaporizer, you will know why they are such a big hit. The vapor flavour you get with these types of devices just has so much to offer. If you are looking for a new way to experience all the flavours of vapor in your favourite new flavors, you should really give these new vapes a try!

Glass Pipes, Premium Quality Smoking Accessories

Stoners have been around for centuries & so has the various & diverse approaches of smoking the stuff. Worldwide, individuals delight in & have the time of their lives in each various way by smoking their weed in their savage & distinct method. With the advancement in technology, there has been a tremendous modification in the numerous currently omnipresent cigarette smoking strategies.

There is now a whole brand-new world of excellent & stylish cigarette smoking accessories to check out from to make your top pick. The best part of everything is you can now buy any cigarette smoking devices of your option & have it provided right at your doorsteps. The benefit of having your favourite bong or glass pipe find its way to your house is just unbelievable.

Should I be concerned about the Legality of Getting Smoking Equipment Delivered?

The answer to one of the most popular concerns when it concerns getting your relaxing equipment provided is- Is it Legal?

It is. There is no factor you should be worried about ordering your special equipment online. The only thing to be concerned about is one must be above the age of 21 to be scrolling around on the internet looking for bongs & glass pipes.

The cherry on the cake is you get to do all this from the caring comfort of your house simply with a couple of clicks. When you are browsing online for something, there is an entire range of variety to choose from. The very same thing applies to the smoking devices online store too. When they buy the smoking pipelines online, the seasoned professionals at https://www.kings-pipe.com/ also think that the consumers serve much better. The online shops of glass pipes have a big stock in the back to make up for their non-presence in the brick & mortar shop, which allows them to provide a whole range of variety. vape pod system

Reliable Method For A Smooth Hit

Lots of individuals choose glass bongs & pipes for all their cigarette smoking needs. The smoking method has definitely advanced for the better. The most talked-about feature of using the pipelines & bongs is it is the most effective way for a smooth & relaxing hit.

One of the vital things to make sure while choosing the kind of the glass pipeline or bong would fit perfectly with all your cigarette smoking requires, and then you need to choose a name that utilizes the finest of quality to make their products. There are a great deal of technicalities to take care of when developing a bong or pipe which offers you the smooth & ideal hit every time. Very few individuals can duplicate the severe complex details of the style. When you finally pick to discover a bong or pipe of your own, make sure to get it from the finest of the cigarette smoking accessories online stores.

The benefit of having your preferred bong or glass pipe discover its method to your house is just amazing.

The experienced specialists at https://www.vapehop.com/ also believe that the consumers serve much better when they order the smoking pipes online. Numerous people choose glass bongs & pipes for all their smoking cigarettes requires. One of the important things to take care while picking the type of the glass pipeline or bong would fit perfectly with all your smoking requires, and then you need to pick a name that uses the finest of quality to make their products. When you finally select to discover a bong or pipeline of your own, make sure to get it from the finest of the smoking devices online shops.

5 tips on how to stimulate your friend smokers to quit smoking through electronic cigarettes

Blogdrag Review:Eleaf Pico Compaq Kit

New Zealand to impose new restrictions on electronic cigarettes

The New Zealand federal government has enforced new constraints on vaping inside, in workplaces, and in other locations. The brand-new limitations belong to a bigger crackdown on vaping mod in the island nation.
New Zealand Flag
This past summer season the New Zealand Legislature passed the Smokefree Environments and Controlled Products Vaping Amendment Bill. The expense looked for to check the formerly uncontrolled vaping market in New Zealand.

The expense not only regulated flavored vaping products and set marketing limitations, but it likewise made vaping inside your home, in offices, and in other public areas unlawful. The new law also made sales to minors unlawful and provided the government more power to develop brand-new limitations on vaping.


What Are the New Restrictions?
What Does This Mean for New Zealand Vapers?
Closing Ideas

New Zealand’s New Vape Laws

These brand-new vaping restrictions have been a long period of time coming. In 2018, Health Minister Jenny Salesa assured to manage the market, which had, approximately then, not dealt with any such federal government oversight. Marketing and advertising practices were unregulated, and there were no guidelines on where and when individuals might vape.

Amongst the new vaping policies that were presented this previous summer season were:

Restricting the sale of flavored vaping products to specialty (vape) shops and not general merchants like gas stations, supermarkets, and corner store
Prohibiting the sale of vape products to persons under the age of 18
Eliminating out-of-shop marketing
Banning vaping in cars with children
Setting up a structure to produce vape-free zones
This last stipulation is what entered into impact recently. There are numerous others yet to come however the constraints on where individuals can vape are amongst the first to be enacted. By 2022, the government wants to enact further modifications, such as:

Packaging requirements
Letting basic sellers offer only menthol or tobacco flavored vaping products
Creating a licensing plan where sellers must apply to be certified as specialty vape shops

How Will Vaping Modification In New Zealand

These new guidelines should not be cause for alarm. Far from outright prohibiting the practice of vaping or their sale, the federal government has actually sought to normalize the practice and regulate it as it would anything else, like tobacco or alcohol. The Aotearoa Vapers Neighborhood Advocacy, which is a pro-vaping, non-profit group described that vapers need to not be fretted.
New Zealand Vaping Indoors
Shutterstock/ Aliaksandr Barouski
While there is some issue that these new laws relate vaping with smoking cigarettes, the AVCA counsels that vapers should do their part and keep in line with the new guidelines. Especially considering that the new law requires devoted areas (like vape stores) where vaping inside will be allowed.

In a declaration launched after the new guidelines were imposed, the group stated that:

We encourage New Zealand’s 200,000 vapers to think a little more prior to they vape. The basic guideline is if you would not smoke there, you shouldn’t vape there. The likes of shopping center, and around schools and child care centers are a no-no.

The AVCA did reveal a concern that some employers and local governments would take an action further and entirely ban the practice of vaping. Instead of banning the practice for their workers, the AVCA stated, they need to be motivating vaping so that their staff members do not go back to much hazardous cigarette smoking.

Other Vaping Limitations

New Zealand is not the only place where vaping has actually been limited. The state of Nebraska likewise passed a new measure that banned vaping inside your home, in work environments, and other public places. The Nebraskan law likewise looks for to include vaping RDTA in specialty retail areas where individuals can vape indoors.

These brand-new vaping constraints have been a long time coming. These new policies need to not be cause for alarm. We encourage New Zealand’s 200,000 vapers to believe a little bit more prior to they vape. New Zealand is not the only location where vaping has actually been restricted. The state of Nebraska also passed a brand-new procedure that banned vaping inside your home, in offices, and other public places.

Wotofo Profile RDTA Review: Best Vape RDTA

Vaporesso XTRA AIO Pod Kit Review

Wotofo Profile RDTA Review: Best Vape RDTA

The Wotofo Profile RDTA is the latest installation in the Profile series, following on from the Profile RDA, Profile 1.5 RDA and the Profile Unity RTA. An additional partnership in between Wotofo and Mrjustright1, the Profile RDTA enables you to build with single mesh, single coils or dual coils and can also be utilized as an RDA for squonking or leaking.

Disclaimer: I was sent out the Profile RDTA for review by Wotofo.

Box Contents

Wotofo Profile RDTA Box Contents
Profile RDTA x1
nexMESH Clapton Ni80+ A1 0.20 ohms x1
nexMESH Extreme A1 0.16 ohms x1
nexMESH Turbo A1 0.13 ohms x1
Framed Staple Clapton Ni80 0.33 ohms x2
6mm Thick Cotton Strip x2
3mm Thick Cotton Strip x2
Stainless Steel Wick x6 (4 pre-installed + 2 spares).
Mesh Bending Tool x1.
RDA Adapter x1.
Cross Head Screwdriver x1.
Allen Key x1.
Accessory Bag x1.
User Manual x1.


Diameter: 25mm.
Height: 52.7 mm.
Construct Deck Size: 22.5 mm.
E-Liquid Capability: 6.2 ml.
Coil Types: Single Mesh Coil, Single Wire Coil, Double wire coils.
Drip Idea: Removable Coloured Resin/ 810.
Filling Approach: Mid filling for RDTA/ BF squonkable for RDA.
Air Flow: Adjustable Side Honeycomb Air Flow.
Connection: 510.

Style & Build Quality.

The Profile RDTA has an 810 coloured resin drip pointer on top. It has a metal ring around the bottom of the drip idea which matches the colour of the remainder of the RDTA. The drip pointer is comfy and great to utilize.

The top cap doubles as your airflow control. Turning the leading cap allows you to close off the airflow to your wanted choice. The leading cap is press fit and kept in by an o-ring.

When you initially take the Profile RDTA out of the product packaging the o-rings are really tight, but once it is being utilized they ease up with lubrication from liquid. A pain at first, they have a best restrictiveness in use. I ‘d rather them be too tight when dry and perfect in use, instead of just right when dry and falling off when lubed.

The airflow cap features the Profile logo on one side and the honeycomb air flow holes on either side. The airflow cap is press fit, secured with two o-rings on the develop deck base.

The airflow cap has 2 little tabs on the inside which lock the airflow cap in place as soon as it is fitted to the develop deck. This guarantees it does not turn when adjusting your airflow and also guarantees the air flow holes stay directed at your coils. They likewise cover the fill hole and air hole on the develop deck.

Wotofo Profile RDTA Build DeckWotofo Profile Build Deck 2Wotofo Profile Build DeckWotofo Profile RDTA Construct DeckWotofo Profile Build Deck 2.

The build deck has two clamps to permit mesh strips to be installed. This ceramic plate will press up against your cotton to ensure it is held versus the mesh coil.

In the center of the ceramic plate you can see the top of the 510 connection pin, which is squonk ready. If you utilize the Profile RDTA in RDA mode you can put it on top of a squonk mod without having to change out the 510 connection pin.

The two slots in the ceramic plate reveal the devoted postless deck. You can install either a single or dual coil wire construct utilizing the postless deck. The coil legs are secured into the postless deck with 2 additional Phillips screws on each side of the mesh clamps.

The addition of the postless deck together with the mesh secures provides the Profile RDTA fantastic flexibility and Wotofo and Mrjustright1 have actually managed this while keeping the build deck good and neat.

There are two holes in each of the juice wells on the construct deck. These are where the stainless-steel rods sit, suspending into the juice tank.

At the side of each of the mesh secures is a hole. The larger hole is your juice fill port and the smaller one is a pressure relief vent to enable air to leave while filling the tank with liquid.

The tank frame has a removable glass tube on my evaluation unit, which Wotofo has encouraged will be PCTG in the retail variation. The tank frame has cutouts all the way around which permit you to see your liquid level and likewise double up as a knurling for unscrewing the tank. They likewise protect the glass tube to some extent.

The stainless steel rods hang into the tank and wick liquid from the tank to the construct deck via capillary action, feeding liquid to your cotton wicks.

I love the total design of the Profile RDTA. From the outdoors you are essentially looking at a Profile RDA sitting on top of the tank area. The inside exposes a build deck that enables you to use mesh, single and dual coils.

Transforming the Profile RDTA to an RDA is as easy as screwing and unscrewing the tank on the consisted of base plate, which then covers up the 4 wicking holes for the steel rods. Your Profile RDTA is then squonk all set, or you can swap out the squonk pin and use it as a dripper.

On my images of the build deck, you might see machining marks which Wotofo has recommended will not be present on retail versions of the Profile RDTA.

The construct quality on the Profile RDTA is area on. The machining of the threads is smooth and good. As discussed above, the tight when dry o-rings are the ideal resistance once the Profile RDTA remains in use and the o-rings have been oiled.

Air flow.

Wotofo Profile RDTA Airflow

The airflow on the Profile RDTA is controlled by twisting the top cap. The leading cap features a stepped design which permits you to close off first of all the top row of air shaft, then the 2nd and 3rd rows simultaneously.

The airflow cap is locked in location, so will constantly be directed at your coils. I personally prefer a slightly limited draw and discovered closing off the top row of air holes offered me a perfect airflow.

Totally open the airflow provides a basically resistance totally free draw. If you like a really limiting DTL draw you can shut down the airflow entirely, or you can get used to throughout between.

Airflow on the Profile RDTA is smooth, not unstable at all and no whistles exist. The change of the top is actually smooth and enables you to shut down the airflow one hole at a time to truly dial in on your preferred draw.

Structure on the Profile RDTA.

Wotofo Profile Building On Clapton Mesh
Wotofo Profile Building On Mesh CoilWotofo Profile Structure On Clapton MeshWotofo Profile Structure OnWotofo Profile Structure On 3Wotofo Profile Building On 4Wotofo Profile Building On 2Wotofo Profile Building On Mesh CoilWotofo Profile Building On Clapton Mesh.

As mentioned above you have the option of building with either mesh, double or single coils.

I needed to try the Clapton mesh strip first, to see how it performed.

Wotofo did advise me that the Clapton mesh strips offered have been dry scorched currently to check for hotspots and quality.

To set up mesh strips onto the construct deck you first untighten the Phillips screw on each clamp. The clamp is not spring loaded; you may need to knock it open when you have actually untightened the screw. You can do this with the tip of your screwdriver.

Next you take your mesh strip and location it on your included coil bending tool. Gently flex the mesh strip around the tool and it will handle a half moon shape. You then put the ends of the mesh strip into the clamps and screw them down.

You will then dry fire your mesh strip, which only requires to be done around 10W.

If you choose, to install your cotton you can utilize the included shoelace cotton or your own cotton. The thicker cotton included is for mesh constructs, the thinner cotton is for wire develops.

Feed your cotton under the mesh strip pushing down carefully on the ceramic plate to feed it through. The Clapton mesh is really fragile, so take care not to snag the wires when doing this.

The cotton is then cut to length on either side. I am not a knowledgeable mesh home builder and there are lots of methods for cutting cotton for mesh builds, so I’m not going to inform anyone how to do this as there are others who will be able to recommend far better than me.

If you are going to be using the Profile as an RDTA I would advise putting the construct deck onto the tank at this point and putting your stainless steel rods in place as it’s easier to do from the top than the bottom of the deck and you need to do it before you position your cotton in the juice wells.

Once the cotton has actually been cut to length the ends are tucked into the juice wells, so they rest on the wicking ports of the stainless steel rods.

Your cotton then requires to be filled and the tank filled with liquid.

The leading cap can then be replaced and you are ready to go.

I will not talk through installing a dual or single coil build as a Youtube video can demonstrate this better than I can with words alone.


Wotofo Profile RDTA 2
I initially wish to discuss the flavor on the Profile RDTA. Using the Clapton mesh I settled on 65W and the taste is extraordinary. This is the very best taste I have experienced while vaping anything. Now, I need to say that I battle with RDA builds in basic since they are too hot for me at the wattage where the flavor truly comes through.

I’m not stating this is the finest flavor ever and everybody needs to run out and experience this. What I presume is that I am lastly able to experience the kind of taste that others do from rebuildables, because at 65W this is a best temperature level for me.

On the other hand I expect others that enjoy vaping at higher wattages may find the temperature to be too cool to them.

I used the nexMESH Turbo next and flavor is great, however compared to the Clapton mesh, no competitors.

I did put a double coil integrate in using the provided Framed Staple Claptons and ran into the issue that I constantly have with RDAs in general. It’s just too hot for me at the point where the flavor begins to pop. This is my issue and nothing to do with the Profile RDTA or any other rebuildable.

Now, the stainless steel wicking rods. I have actually tried every technique that I could discover for wicking and I couldn’t get the rods to keep up.

I want to accept this is down to my wicking, as others appear to have no concerns with it.

Disheartened, I took the tank off and utilized it in squonk mode for a while where it performed completely. I then tried once again with a different wicking method, however I faced the exact same issues. In the end I simply began turning it upside down to wet the wicks, which really worked fine. The cotton absorbs the liquid and I didn’t wind up with liquid running out of the air shaft or drip idea.

When I accidentally left my mod on its side when a parcel showed up at my door, I did experience leaking. It’s what I would have expected; the mess was horrendous, so I won’t be doing that once again on purpose.

The only other issue I encountered was the size of the fill port. It’s fine for needle tipped nozzles, however regrettably I have a huge nozzle on a 250ml bottle of liquid. I needed to transfer liquid into the tank using a syringe that I use for blending. Once again, this is my concern for not using basic bottles, but believed i ‘d mention it for anybody else that uses larger bottles and nozzles.


Overall, I’ve loved utilizing the Profile RDTA. I’m going to have to get some Clapton mesh strips for use in other mesh rebuildables in the future due to the fact that it blows basic mesh out of the water.

It hasn’t lacked its frustrations due to the wicking from the stainless steel rods, which I am willing to accept may be down to my wicking. I can’t state they don’t work, however I haven’t handled to make them work for me.

The Wotofo Profile RDTA is the most current installation in the Profile series, following on from the Profile RDA, Profile 1.5 RDA and the Profile Unity RTA. A more partnership in between Wotofo and Mrjustright1, the Profile RDTA enables you to construct with single mesh, single coils or dual coils and can also be used as an RDA for squonking or dripping. When you first take the Profile RDTA out of the packaging the o-rings are really tight, however when it is being used they reduce up with lubrication from liquid. The build quality on the Profile RDTA is spot on. As discussed above, the tight when dry o-rings are the ideal resistance once the Profile RDTA is in usage and the o-rings have actually been oiled.

Vaporesso XTRA AIO Pod Kit Review

Smoant Charon Baby Pod System Review

Vaporesso XTRA AIO Pod Kit Review

Regardless of being one of the last big brand names to enter the pod system market, Vaporesso is definitely offseting it now. They have actually been putting out all sorts of vape pods and pod mods, and a few of them are really quite innovative. The company’s latest development is called the Vaporesso Xtra, and in spite of its compact size, it promises to be one of the best pod systems of 2020.

A Look at the Contents
The new Vaporesso Xtra can be found in a tiny cardboard box that means the compact size of the device inside. It features a life-size picture of the vape pod on the front, and some technical requirements, a list of contents, in addition to a credibility sticker label and producer details.
Vaporesso XTRA AIO Pod Kit Cotton Materal
Inside package we have the Xtra sitting snug in a plastic holder, along with all the devices we have actually concerned anticipate from this type of kit: a micro-USB charging cable television, an extra refillable pod, user handbook, service warranty card, and other useful reading product.

Design and Build Quality
While I wouldn’t go as far as calling the design of the Vaporesso Xtra captivating, it’s certainly different than the majority of the vape pods and pod mods on the market today, and that alone deserves applauding. It’s vaguely similar to a Zippo lighter, or an actually little battery pack, but it feels very comfortable in the hand, thanks to its smooth edges.

The Xtra procedures 74mm x 38mm x 17mm, and is made mainly of zinc alloy. It is available in a range of colors, including grey, silver and rainbow, with a lot more ornamental sticker labels. Mine included a red and black resin-imitating sticker label, however there are likewise carbon leather, rainbow or fiber sticker labels to selected from.

That isn’t something I’m utilized to seeing from Vaporesso, so I’m blaming this on my gadget being an evaluation sample. It would be a shame if Vaporesso lowered its quality requirements, this is one of the world’s most popular brands we’re talking about …

The Vaporesso Xtra is a very simplistic device, extremely simple when compared to the company’s Target PM80 business mod. It’s a draw triggered system that uses disposable plastic pods to deliver a mouth-to-lung vaping experience that is very close the experience of drawing on a tobacco cigarette.
Vaporesso XTRA AIO Pod Kit 900mAh Battery
The truth that the Xtra does not featured various modes, or other bells and whistles is most certainly not a con. Like the Renova Zero, which I personally think about a direct predecessor, the Vaporesso Xtra is focused on casual vapers or fresh ex-smokers looking for something easy to use. And because regard, I’m having problem suggesting any other pod system over this one.

Among the coolest aspect of the Vaporesso Xtra is the brand-new Unipod it comes with. It’s basically a disposable pod with a new type of cotton that Vaporesso declares enhances taste. Another fascinating feature of it is that it can be found in two versions– with a lower resistance mesh coil or with a greater resistance round wire coil, for a more authentic MTL draw. I personally think they’re both excellent, and you can inform which one is which by the color of the fill port plug, on the side. Red is for the mesh coil one and grey is for the round wire coil.

The pods both hold up to 2ml of e-liquid and are simple to fill. Vaporesso handed down its trademarked push-valve fill port, which we saw on the Vaporesso Degree and Renova No pod systems, deciding instead for the conventional refill hole. It works simply fine, the hole is decently sized, and the plug stops the juice from dripping out into the mod. The pods attach to the mod magnetically and they stay securely in place.
Comfortable Grip & Antiskid Texture
Although the Vaporesso Xtra has an automated, draw-activated switch, it likewise has an on and off button on the bottom. Not the most appropriate place for a physical button, I know, but it is recessed, so even if you were to place the pod system upright on a flat surface, you wouldn’t have to worry about the button being unintentionally pushed.

Unlike the Renova No, where the button served numerous purposes (LED battery indication, on/off switch, and power output adjustment), the button of the Xtra vape pod is just a power button. You press it five times in rapid succession to turn it off, and another five times to turn it on, that’s all it does.

The small LED battery sign lies on the side of the gadget, best next to the micro-USB port, and lights up green, blue or red, depending on how much battery life you have left.

Overall, I think the construct quality of the Vaporesso Xtra is still quite high, but there are some touches that could have been much better carried out, like the ornamental stickers I discussed above. Still, I do love the ergonomic shape of the Xtra and how extremely little and light it feels in the hand.

Battery Life and Efficiency
For such a compact pod system, the Vaporesso Extra’s battery capability is absolutely nothing short of extraordinary– 900mAh. That’s nearly as much as the Lost Vape Q-Pro (950mAh), and that is basically a pod mod, not a pod system. I do not know how they handled to cram such a big capacity battery into such a little device, however I’m glad they did.

Vaporesso altered the video game in the past, when they released the 650mAh Renova Absolutely no into a vape pod market where 400mAh capacity was the standard, and they are doing it once again with the Xtra. You merely will not discover another pod system of similar size with a battery capability this outstanding!
Vaporesso XTRA AIO Pod Kit Design
When vape pod just lasted a couple of hours before needling a recharge, gone are the days. With 900mAh available and the high resistance coil-heads in the new Unipods, you can probably use the Vaporesso Xtra for at least eight hours before even thinking about recharging. All of it depends upon just how much you vape, naturally, but still, you ought to get more vaping battery life out of this thing than out of any other compact vape pod.

If I were to grumble about anything, it would need to be the reality that Vaporesso refuses to upgrade to USB Type-C, for some reason, although many other significant makers have actually currently embraced that standard, which the Xtra pod system does not have quick charging. You can just charge at 1A, which means it’ll take a couple of hours for the big battery to totally recharge. On the benefit, you can utilize it while it is charging, so it’s not a substantial deal.

When it comes to vape pods designed for MTL vaping, the Vaporesso Xtra is the finest one I have actually evaluated in a long time, possibly even the finest one. If you have actually ever checked out any of my previous evaluations, you most likely seen numerous points out of the Renova Zero, as that was previously my standard for what an MTL vape pod must be. It had excellent battery life compared to the competitors, a relatively tight draw, terrific taste, it was compact, and it was reliable. Well, the Xtra is even better, in my viewpoint.

While it may do not have the several power output settings of the Renova vape pod, the Xtra offsets it with brand-new, more advanced Unipods. It even introduces 0.8 Ω mesh coils for much better flavor, in addition to providing the attempted and real 1.2 Ω round wire coils the Renova Zero utilized. Having various options to select from is constantly fantastic, particularly when they’re both this excellent.

While I remain a big fan of the 1.2 Ω round wire coil-heads, particularly with the new cotton wicking, the 0.8 Ω mesh coils are significantly better. While keeping the tight draw that MTL lovers want, the mesh-coil Unipods deal even much better flavor, thanks to the new wicking and the big contact surface area of the mesh. I wasn’t that big of a fan of mesh for MTL vaping, but these new coils are really great, I’m not gon na lie.

All things considered, if you’re searching for a simple, compact device and an authentic MTL vaping experience, you’re going to have a difficult time finding something much better than the Vaporesso Xtra.

If this review was too long, all you need to know is that Vaporesso has another winner on their hands. the Xtra pod system is just the best alternative for casual MTL vapers right now. The build quality is good– although it could be even better– battery life is unmatched in its size classification, and the brand-new Unipods offer 2 terrific coil choices, both mesh and round wire. It’s not perfect, by any means, however there is certainly a lot more to be applauded than there is to criticize.

The Vaporesso Xtra pod system was sent out to me directly by Vaporesso for the function of this evaluation.

They have actually been putting out all sorts of vape pods and pod mods, and some of them are in fact pretty ingenious. It would be a pity if Vaporesso lowered its quality standards, this is one of the world’s most popular brands we’re talking about …

The Vaporesso Xtra is a very simplistic device, really least when compared to the company’s Target PM80 pod mod. Vaporesso passed on its trademarked push-valve fill port, which we saw on the Vaporesso Degree and Renova No pod systems, deciding rather for the traditional refill hole. That’s almost as much as the Lost Vape Q-Pro (950mAh), and that is basically a pod mod, not a pod system. When it comes to vape pods designed for MTL vaping, the Vaporesso Xtra is the finest one I have actually checked in a long time, perhaps even the best one.

Smoant Charon Baby Pod System Review

Chinese manufacturer Smoant appears to be on a quest to create mini pod variations of all its most iconic vape mods. After the Battlestar Child, they’ve now created a miniature Charon mod called (you guessed it!) the Charon Child. It’s basically a repackaged Battlestar Infant, however that’s not really unexpected, thinking about the advanced mods that influenced these pod systems were extremely comparable also. Anyways, here’s what I think of the Smoant Charon Baby vape pod:

A Take a look at the Contents
The new Charon Infant comes in an extremely similar plan to that of the Battlestar Child– a little cardboard box with an image of the device (in the color it is available in) on the front, and a list of contents, manufacturer contact information and some warnings, on the back.

Smoant Charon Baby Pod System Starter Kit 750mAh 2ml Features

Inside the packaging we have the Charon Infant pod system, and a box of accessories which includes a user manual, a USB Type-C charging cable, and an extra coil-head (one comes pre-installed in the refillable pod). It’s practically the specific same kit as the Battlestar Baby, consisting of the ingenious USB Type-C cable television that functions as a determining tape and lanyard.

Design and Construct Quality
From the original Charon TC218 to the more advanced Charon TS218 and Charon Mini, Smoant Charon vape mods have actually constantly been fairly complicated, so there was no chance for the maker to include their initial styles and functions into a much smaller sized, fundamental bundle. The Charon Infant doesn’t truly look like a Charon mod, simply like the Battlestar Child wasn’t a best reproduction of the Smoant Battlestar mod, but it does have some components that hint at the device that motivated it.

The Charon Infant pod system determines 73mm x 44mm x 19mm, which makes it even smaller sized than the Battlestar Infant, and just slightly thicker. It’s made of the very same zinc alloy as Smoant’s other pod system, and includes the exact same CPR ornamental panels that not only look spectacular, however prevent fingerprint marks.

Smoant Charon Baby Pod System Starter Kit 750mAh 2ml Design

On the bottom of the Smoant Charon Baby, we have a Type-C charging port. I like that they updated to Type-C, but I hate it when makers put the charging port on the bottom, as that implies I always need to set my mod on its side to charge, which increases the risk of scratching, specifically with such shiny ornamental panels.

Other mentionable information about the Charon Baby include the lanyard holder, and the LED battery indication near the bottom. Aside from that, the mod is a compact, one piece device.

The removable pods are the same as the one utilized on the Battlestar Child, so I will not enter into excessive information about them. They are a little tinted, hold up to 2ml of e-liquid, and include the same exchangeable PnP (plug ‘n Play) coil-heads as the Battlestar Infant. The pods are interchangeable and so are the coil-heads, so if you happen to own one of these pod systems, you can use both the pods and the coil-heads with the other. To fill up the pods, simply pop open the fill port on the side (covered with a rubber plug), fill it up, and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

The Smoant Charon has basically the exact same construct quality as the Battlestar Infant, so if you liked that one, you’re probably going to like this one.

Battery Life and Efficiency
Not a lot to go over in this section, as looking at the specifications sheet of both the Battlestar Charon Infant and Battlestar Baby, the two devices are identical. They both have a decent battery capability of 750mAh, max power output of 15W, and are powered by the same version of Smoant’s exclusive Ant chip. The charging rate is the same also (0.8 A), as is the full charging time (about an hour).

Smoant Charon Baby Pod System Starter Kit 750mAh 2ml LED Indicator

Both devices can be utilized in passthrough mode, so if you wish to vape while they are charging, you can do so.

Performance-wise, again, there is no separating the Charon Child from its twin, the Battlestar Child. They both have the same power output, use the exact same pods and coil-heads, so the performance equals. You get a satisfying, if rather loose mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape with the 1.2 Ω Ni80 coil-head, and a restrictive direct lung hit, in addition to considerably more vapor with the 0.6 Ω mesh coil-head. Both coil-heads produce good taste, absolutely nothing too outstanding, however definitely ok for this type of product.

For a draw-activated pod system, the Smoant Charon Infant activates the battery very quick, and the power ramp-up time is super-fast. It’s not the most sophisticated pod system on the marketplace, not by a long-shot, however it’s not designed to be, and the few things it’s expected to do it does very well.

For more information on the performance and battery of these gadgets, take a look at my evaluation of the Smoant Battlestar Child.

The Smoant Charon Infant is basically a repackaged version of the Chinese company’s Battlestar Infant pod system. They have the same technical specifications, utilize the very same pods and coil-heads, so it’s not surprise that they carry out essentially the same. If you already own among them and you’re not into collecting pod systems, I would hand down the other, however if you remain in the marketplace for a compact, lightweight pod system with a simple-to-use automated switch, the Charon Baby is a quite good device.

Smoant Charon Baby Pod System Starter Kit 750mAh 2ml Coil Introduce

Anyways, here’s what I believe about the Smoant Charon Child vape pod:

Not a lot to go over in this area, as looking at the specifications sheet of both the Battlestar Charon Child and Battlestar Baby, the two gadgets are identical. Performance-wise, again, there is no separating the Charon Child from its twin, the Battlestar Child. The Smoant Charon Infant is basically a repackaged version of the Chinese company’s Battlestar Infant pod system. If you currently own one of them and you’re not into collecting pod systems, I would pass on the other, but if you’re in the market for a compact, light-weight pod system with a simple-to-use automated switch, the Charon Baby is a pretty nice gadget.

Smok Nord Kit Pod System Reviews

Product introduction and specs
The SMOK Nord is a flexible pod vape from SMOK. It has a lot in common with the Novo, while introducing a few of its own unique benefits. The Nord uses 3 mL pods and various kinds of changeable coil heads, suitable for both direct lung and mouth to lung vaping. It has an 1100 mAh battery capacity and an output of up to 15 watts. The Nord is currently used in 13 different colors, including a cobra pattern or resin-style style.

Rate: $23.95/ coils: $10.95 per 5 pack (at Element Vape).
Colors: Black, prism rainbow, prism gold, bottle gold, red, white black.

Resin edition: black/white, red/yellow, blue/black, green red, yellow/purple, blue/brown, 7-color rainbow resin streak.

Package Content.
Construct quality and style.
SMOK Nord Review.
Before I purchased the SMOK Nord, I had actually already been utilizing the Novo for a couple of weeks. The Nord weighs about 80 grams, double the weight of the Novo, and its measurements are 94 x 30 x 18.8 mm.

Sure, it’s heftier than the majority of pod vapes, however at just 8 mm taller, 6 mm wider and 4 mm thicker, it has more than double the battery capability of its little sibling. The overall building and construction feels strong, and it appears promising in regards to resilience. The USB charging port lies at the really bottom of the gadget.

The SMOK Nord is button-activated. Keep in mind to turn it off when it’s not in use, or it will go off in your pocket! This has actually occurred to everyone I spoke with about it a minimum of as soon as. I went to sleep with it in my pocket and awakened to a burnt coil.

SMOK Nord pods.
Smok Nord Vape Pod System New Color Coming
The Nord pods hold 3 mL of e-juice and include a tough plastic shell. There are currently 4 types of coils readily available for the Nord. The 0.6-ohm direct lung mesh coils and 1.4-ohm standard mouth to lung coils feature the package, while the 0.8-ohm mesh MTL coils and 1.0-ohm ceramic MTL coils are offered separately.

Unlike the Novo, the Nord coils can be removed and changed, so each pod might potentially last a while. They make use of a rubber plug that is simple to pull out and stays on so you can’t lose it.

The pods are very easy to fill, simply make certain to do it on a small angle in order to fill it as much as max capability. You can in fact get the rubber plug to stay in location by folding it over and hooking it under the black part of the mouthpiece. The fill port is big enough to accommodate most regular dropper bottles.

The pods do not exactly click into location, but they do have a very snug fit. The mouthpiece is a bit larger and chunkier than your typical vape, however it in fact feels comfortable on the lips.

The consisted of 0.6-ohm coil wicked completely using 70% VG e-liquid and the 1.4-ohm MTL coil performed better with a 50/50 mix due to the smaller sized size of its wick holes. It could manage 70/30 VG well, however the DL coils are preferable for this. From my experience, I can generally can get through about at least 10-15 mL per coil head when utilizing the SMOK Nord.

SMOK Nord Review.
The mesh coil supplies a relatively loose, limiting lung hit. Still, I personally would not go past 35 milligrams on the Nord, even with the 1.0-ohm coils.

I heard from other reviewers that the ceramic coils do not appear to carry out along with the routine 1.4-ohm MTL coils, however I have not attempted them out to verify. The device shines utilizing the mesh coils, however works well with nic salt using the MTL ones.

The vapor production is still impressive with the MTL coils, you’ll certainly get more of a cloud than your basic pod vape. The 0.6 mesh coils put out a lot more decent cloud, but not similar to that of a sub ohm tank. The flavor I get from both of the coils is on point, up until the fifth or 4th refill. It provides you a relatively cool vape due to the abundant airflow and the total taste is fantastic.

In my experience so far, I have not had leaking problems, just a bit of condensation on the bottom of the pod, which is extremely typical. In general, the coils were constant and carried out actually well.
Smok Nord Vape Pod System Different Power
Battery life and LED.
Turn the Nord on and off by clicking the fire button five times. Once it’s on, the Nord will indicate your battery life using three colored LED lights if you click the fire button two times. Don’t forget to use the off switch when you are done vaping on the gadget.

Green: 70-100%.
Yellow: 30% -70%.
Red: Below 30%.
The SMOK Nord has a big 1100 mAh battery capacity. If you’re chain vaping all day long, you may find yourself out of luck by the night– especially if you are utilizing the mesh coils.

Pros/ Cons.
1100 mAh battery capacity.
Compact and pocketable.
Comfortable hand feel.
Both MTL and DL pods.
Practical filling system.
Good vapor production.
Decent flavor.
Great restrictive lung draw.
3 mL e-juice capacity.
Excessive airflow for MTL pods.
Difficult to keep an eye on juice levels.
Will fire in pocket if not turned off.
Smok Nord Vape Pod System Package Contents
I am truly digging my SMOK Nord. It provides precisely what I would have hoped from it. Sure, you’re not going to get similar efficiency to their sub ohm tanks, however it’s on the money, particularly considering it’s only a compact pod system.

The loose draw isn’t going to satisfy rigorous MTL vapers, but utilizing 35 mg nicotine salt, it will quench your nicotine cravings quickly. If you enjoy a nice limiting lung hit, then you are going to enjoy these 0.6-ohm mesh coils with your preferred freebase nicotine e-liquids, and even lower strength salts.

If you’re new to vaping, this is a fantastic all-in-one service. The Nord is still for you if you’re more of a seasoned vaper that just wants a compact device that performs at a similar level to a full-sized vape. I was never ever a SMOK fanboy, however I still utilize a few of their items to this day– and this is certainly one I will keep utilizing. I highly recommended the SMOK Nord is to anybody looking for an inexpensive pod vape with strong flavor and vapor production. What do you think about the Nord? Leave a remark listed below.

The SMOK Nord is a flexible pod vape from SMOK. The Nord uses 3 mL pods and different types of exchangeable coil heads, ideal for both direct lung and mouth to lung vaping. There are currently four types of coils readily available for the Nord. From my experience, I can normally can get through about at least 10-15 mL per coil head when utilizing the SMOK Nord.

Still, I personally wouldn’t go past 35 milligrams on the Nord, even with the 1.0-ohm coils.

E-Liquid Steeping – For more flavor in the e-liquid

steeping e-liquidsThe “steeping” method for e-liquids is almost as old as vaping itself. Even in the early stages of e-liquids, consumers were always keen to get the most out of their vaping sessions and to generate the greatest possible experience. Sure, those who go out to eat these days are not satisfied with a third-rate steak or a frozen pizza from an Italian. And this is exactly where the “steeping” starts. But what exactly does “steeping” actually mean? How can I give my e-liquid even more flavor? We want to clarify exactly these questions in the following.

What is “steeping”?

If we translate the word steeping or “to steep” directly, we don’t really get smart yet. After all, the verb to steep means something like ‘soak’, ‘impregnate’ or ‘water’. Incidentally, this translation is rather misleading, since we don’t want to make our taste watery, on the contrary, we want to get the maximum taste out. So let’s look at the everyday usage of the word “steeping”.

So here we will find that steeping means something like “let go” and we are getting closer to the whole thing. Incidentally, we generally use the word in connection with food, for example brewing tea. In addition, everyone will probably have noticed at some point how a chili con carne, a soup or even a stew only got better when we reheated and ate them a few days later.

So what does this mean for our e-liquids?

Well, the “letting go” method can be applied roughly analogously to e-liquids. The longer we leave an e-liquid untouched, the better it will develop in terms of taste and the better your vaping experience with the desired flavor will be. The reason for this is that the components of the e-liquids (PG / VG, aromatic substances, nicotine) only mix perfectly after a certain time and thus develop their maximum potential. In addition, certain mixtures often contain traces of alcohol, which also only evaporates after a certain period of time.

So how exactly does “steeping” work?

Basically, we differentiate between three methods: steeping, breathing and streathing. In the following we want to briefly discuss each of the three methods and bring them a little closer to you.

E-liquid steeping

Basically, you only need two things for this: a cool, dark storage room and a lot of time. The more patient you are with the steeping process, the better the flavor will be able to develop inside your vial. At this point, however, we want to mention that there will also be individuals who prefer the fresh product to the matured one. Incidentally, to speed up your process a little, you can shake the vials vigorously several times a day. This means that the individual components mix better.

Heat also speeds up the process. For example, you can hold the bottles under warm tap water. As a result, the individual molecules move faster and mix more easily.

E-liquid breathing

As the name suggests, this method tells you to let your e-liquid breathe. Open the vials and leave them there for a few hours. Caution: Breathing that lasts longer than 12 hours carries the risk that flavor aromas and nicotine will evaporate and you will have to accept losses in terms of taste. We therefore recommend under no circumstances to exceed this period.

E-liquid stealthing

This term simply describes a combination of the previous two methods and will give you the best results. To do this, shake your bottle, hold it under water and then remove the lid. Then let her breathe in cool and dark for about two hours and repeat this process a few times.

Tip: You will achieve even better results if you remove excess air after each process, for example with a nipple.


We recommend all lovers of more taste to try the methods described. By the way, fruity flavors require the least steeping time, whereas tobacco flavors and especially “creamy dessert” flavors take a longer time. Some people are satisfied with a steeping time of a few days, while others let their e-liquids mature for several months. The best thing is to try it out for yourself and find your own personal preferences!

Istick Pico 75w in the detailed test | Eleaf Melo 3 set experiences

Istick Pico 75wToday I would like to share my Istick Pico experiences and therefore publish a detailed description of my test with this little mod. The Eleaf Istick Pico is extremely handy and provides 75 watts with just one 18650 battery.

Some of the large atomizers can also be operated with this battery mod, although it must be said that the Istick Pico can of course not fully exploit them. But at least it could be used for most drippers.

It has the most important setting options, such as a temperature mode, the display can also be rotated for left-handers and much more that will be examined more closely in the course of this Istick Pico test.

Handling the Eleaf Istick Pico

The menu navigation seemed a bit strange to me at the beginning and therefore I also had the feeling that the Pico Istick would be difficult to use. The fact that the plus / minus buttons were at the bottom of the device was also not very helpful in getting the feeling under control.

However, the more I looked at the device, the more I realized that the Istick Pico can be adjusted like any other mod.

It is switched on by pressing the fire button five times; after pressing it three times, I am in the mode menu, which is then controlled via the plus / minus buttons.

The Istick Pico has the following modes:

  • bypass
  • watt
  • Temperature control for titanium, nickel and stainless steel
  • Storage locations M1-3

MenuThe device can be locked and unlocked by holding down the +/- buttons and is thus protected against unintentional adjustment of functions.

The stealth mode can be activated via the fire and minus buttons when the device is switched on. The battery level can be displayed with the same key combination when the device is switched off.

Unfortunately, I had to discover a small problem in the temperature mode, because 75 watts were preset there, which can be too much for some windings, as it takes about a second until the temperature control is active.

In addition, unlike usual, the battery is plugged in with the positive pole facing down, which would be a problem if the Istick Pico had not been fitted with reverse polarity protection.

What does the Istick Pico Set contain?

The firmware can be updated and the Istick Pico can therefore be upgraded. Evaporators up to 23mm can be installed on the 510 connection without protrusion and it is available in 15 different colors.

The battery carrier can be charged using the supplied USB cable and can also be used during the landing process.

The scope of delivery was manageable, so were included:

  • 1 Eleaf Istick Pico 75w
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 instruction manual

setToday the Eleaf Istick Pico has become an important companion wherever a large device simply attracts too much attention. In addition, the Istick Pico can be easily stowed in the jacket or, if necessary, in the trousers.

For steamer , which is not so much stand on thick clouds suited this battery carrier in any case and for just Amazon always a bargain.

Especially in combination as an Istick Pico Set with the Melo 3 Mini as a vaporizer for less than €.

The Istick Pico Melo 3 combination is not only characterized by its practical size, but also impresses with an excellent taste experience and also produces quite decent clouds.

Who is the Istick Pico Set for?

Who should buy an Istick Pico? This battery mod is less suitable for experienced vapers who are looking for that special kick through high performance.

In this case, this device would be suitable as a second device if it was just too cumbersome to take a larger device with you.

The Istick has the great advantage of having some power reserves.

When I started vaping, I first got myself a so-called starter kit, which then got boring relatively quickly, as it only had 20 watts and was soon in the closet and was forgotten.

20 to 30 watts is a good entry-level performance, but after a few weeks it is hardly enough to keep the taste upright.

The Istick Pico offers beginners a good reserve and is therefore absolutely suitable for beginners.

It can later serve as a second device. Most experienced steamers move in their power spectrum between 50 and 150 watts.

Melo 3 vaporizer – useful or not?

If you want to buy an Eleaf Istick Pico, I would recommend the Eleaf Istick Pico Melo 3 Set, as the scope of delivery increases significantly for less than 10 euros.

The set includes:

  • 1 Eleaf Istick Pico 75w
  • 1 Eleaf Melo 3 mini vaporizer
  • 1 Eleaf EC 0.3 ohm atomizer head
  • 1 Eleaf EC 0.5 ohm atomizer head
  • 4 sealing rings
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 instruction manual

The Melo 3 Mini can be filled up particularly cleanly using a topfilling process, with no more liquid running out of it.

The vape tank with its 2ml capacity is unfortunately rather small, which is not a problem in this performance class because of the low consumption.

Like its big brother, it is characterized by a particularly good taste development and has a hidden airflow below, via which the air supply can be controlled.

The supplied evaporator heads are used as the evaporator unit, the internal cotton wool must always be supplied with liquid juice before installation.

melo 3 miniThe supplied atomizer head with 0.3 ohms has a power rating of 30 to 80 watts and can thus be used to the maximum. The atomizer head with 0.5 ohms is specified with 50 to 100 watts.

Despite the huge range of colors, the set is always optically coordinated with one another thanks to the visible sealing rings and makes a huge difference. The workmanship is of very high quality.

My conclusion

A battery has to be bought for the Eleaf Istick Pico as this is not included in the scope of delivery. Here it is always advisable to pay attention to quality in order to protect yourself and your device.

The 18650 batteries from Sony and LG are very popular because they simply have a longer service life and can also deliver more power and thus do not get hot under high loads.

These were my results from the Eleaf Istick Pico Test. I hope that I have helped and would like to conclude with a conclusion. Every average vaper will be happy with the Istick Pico, because it is a device that impresses with its handiness.

Ideal for on the go, with great potential for flavor and vapor development. The device stands out in its class, especially in the Istick Pico Kit, with the atomizer that is precisely tailored to the battery mod.