Review for vaporesso tank gen 220w swag target pm80 gtx renova zero luxe

Vapeciga vaporesso gen 220w received the purposes of this review:

Color Xros Vaporesso:

– blue
– Matt Gray
– Silver
– Blue sky
– roses
– Rainbow


– Size: 112mm x 13mm x 23mm
– Capacity cartridge: 2 ml
– Battery capacity: 800 mAh
– Output: 11W / 16W
– Cartridges fabric sheath 1.2ohm / 0.8ohm tissue sheath
– Cost C type 1A
– adjustable air flow

In the box:

– Battery VAPORESSO Xros
– 0.8Ω Xros VAPORESSO POD (2 ml)
– 1.2Ω Xros VAPORESSO POD (2 ml)
– Type C USB Cable
– Manual
– Warranty Card
– Reminder Card

Vapeciga swag kits available in 6 different colors. You will receive these devices in a pretty package with two cartridges in the well. build quality of the device is good, everything is as it should be. In the device, you can see “Vaporesso”. This device is low, the dimensions of the device 112 mm x 13 mm x 23 mm.

I’ll start with the cartridge in the package, you will receive two different cartridges and cartridges. On the upper side of the cartridge, you can see that you can remove the funnel, the funnel comfortable to use. Under the funnel you can see the fill port and in fact may readily fill the cartridge. From below, you can see the holes in the magnet cartridge and air. Therefore, the cartridge remains in place because the magnet and the magnet is good, the cartridge to its always nice place. cartridge capacity is the capacity of 2 ml nothing to the shield system. You will receive the coil unit with networks in which it is installed and receives a network 1.2ohm cartridge package.

From the top of the camera you can see the slot inside the cartridge and you can see the magnet that holds the cartridge in place, you can see the connections and air ports. On one side of the device you can see the trigger, not very clicky but it works very well. Therefore, this camera has a shutter button, you can press freezer and also has an attractive switching circuit is very nice because you can use both. shooter is activated, it works very well and is very sensitive. Here you can see the light of the shutter button and indicator LED battery lights in three colors:

– Green: 70% to 100%
– Blue: 30% -70%
– Red: 0-30%

On the other side of the camera you can see the air flow control, so here you can adjust the air flow is very good. Here you can scroll left and right buttons to adjust the airflow. In my opinion, the system airflow of the device is very good and I really believe we can adjust the airflow here.
This device has a capacity of 800 mAh high capacity battery for this unit. From the bottom of the camera, you can see the USB port c, which is very good, you will use this port to charge the battery. This works 0.8ohm coil 16W and 11W 1.2ohm network devices.

First, this is my first pod system ever, so I can not compare with other fried sheath. The target pm80 pod show new feels very comfortable in hand. As expected, it is much lighter than twice mods I-18650. With the dimensions of 112 x 23 x 13 mm in all Epileptic pockets which makes it a perfect vaporizer be out.

elegant and minimalist design. I like the brushed stainless steel finish. I heard some people complain sharp edges on the bottom. He could not confirm this.

It seems more durable finish. I dropped Xros on the porch of the earth, just because it is very soft and I forgot that I was resting in my lap when I was. But I can not find the beginning after the accident.

One good thing is clear sheath with a good view of the liquid level. Interestingly, in my quick research, it is not a standard pod had been fried. But for me it’s very important, I should be able to easily check fluid levels, even in low light.

the battery should be enough to last day of work, provided it is not related Vaper. 0.8 Ohm generally vape pods Pod 3, in accordance with 6 ml of liquid-e. 4 pod battery indicator starts to change from blue to red, which is when I put it on the charger. If the battery is completely discharged, it should be possible vaporizer 8 ml of juice before recharging. And with a 1.2 Ohm coil, the battery is obtained.
loads very quickly. I do not do the right steps, but it took me less than an hour to fully recharge.
By the way … I like the USB-C port, which oddly is not standard.

Okay, so what about the taste? Pod cant’t the only system I say if it’s better than this or that device. But I found it very tasteful und satisfactory. Yes, I Hellvape MD RTA feel a little better, but the difference was not too great. This mode is given Xros is a small pod system, which would be a good flavor.

A big advantage over many other small pod kit is air adjustable flow control. I really like it. You can adjust a bit tight for MTL opened completely, as desired. Depending on the definition of DL, which can also perform vaporesso gtx click in limit DL when set open.

improve margins
Is there anything I did not like Xros? Nothing great, but I still want to talk about what is not perfect in my eyes.

The first is that I have to pull a little harder than I’m used when the draw was made. When I was not interesting enough, the automatic image does not work well and the reel began to sing. But you can avoid this by adjusting their drawing techniques.

On the other hand, at least in my hand, there are a number of accumulation of condensation on the inside of the funnel / chimney of a boat that ended in the mouth. Not bad, but maybe you can make either version 2 or higher.

Else (very low) is the position of the airflow control cursor. As some reviewers have mentioned, you can easily cover the airflow with your finger. But after a while you get used to the position of the index finger does not interfere with air circulation. And for me it is known to use a keyboard. With the activation of the draw, which tend to have more Xros basically eliminate the problem altogether.

My spirit:

Vaporesso system Xros sheath is small and convenient device. You can buy these devices in 6 different colors as well. good package, receive two cartridges inside. build quality of the device is good, everything is as it should be if you ask me. The cartridges are held in a very good place, it is both transparent and seen in eLiquid. 2 ml capacity cartridge is good capacity for small gondola system. Embudo comfortable to use and I am happy to perform here, you can easily fill in the cartridge, you have to do is pick up the funnel here.

On one side of the device you can see the shot button can be used to renova zero vape get code and we have an interesting switch is activated, which is fine. This device has a built-in battery, this battery has a capacity of 800 mAh capacity for both small pod.

Moreover, we have here the USB Type C ports for charging the battery. This device has an adjustable air flow is very good, on one side you can see the button, you can swipe left or right to adjust the air flow. It can be very easy to adjust the air flow here. When the air flow is restricted dl open, you can make it interesting and when it stops, you can almost entirely on luck MTL out very tight. He was a very good camera with two reels of packaging, the taste is very good. I use 1.2ohm coil airflow is almost closed and very tasteful. I use 0.8ohm coil with an air flow to limit DTL fully open, the taste is also very good. I personally prefer the 1.2ohm coil because it is better for airflow MTL and tight in my opinion. In the flow of air near the 0.8ohm coil awaits a hot spray. Xros in my opinion is one of the systems is very good jacket, has everything you need and if you want to buy a pod system, must be taken into account.


– Actually no complaints about this pod system, which is a device that is very good, but if I had to choose anything, I can say that it would be good to have a coil replaced, not really


– Good build quality
– comfort funnel
– easy to fill
– Transparent Cartridge
– Two cartridges in the package
– cartridge pleasant stay in place
– adjustable air flow
– The good taste
– the trigger and the switch is activated to pull
– 800mAh
– The battery indicator
– c Usb

What follows is very demanding: I LED indicator located above the activation button, not below. Because when on or off camera, LED blankets my mother is closed so you can not see. But honestly, it’s not really necessary.

One last thing, and I do not know if there are devices on the market do it differently. I really want to be able to turn on / auto shutter button and draw. If you prefer automatic draw, you do not need a button and be sure to carry in a pocket if the button is disabled. Of course, you can click the Exit button 5 place, but it would be more convenient if not necessary.

And for those who prefer the shutter button is activated, the Vapeciga vaporesso luxe 220w copy tangible deactivation given the opportunity to continue with the drawing of a second or after the release button to prevent the accumulation of condensation in the funnel. That’s what I did in my other fried.

my conclusion
I like Vaporesso Xros, and now head out spray. I find satisfying and delicious steam, a large battery and a small device, of course, it was small. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the air flow to the rear of the cursor. I have not been in many sizes kits pod that offers something similar.

I can not recommend Xros for those who want a small pod system for the use of MTL. This is a great little spray.

You can buy here:vaporesso tank sourcemore thanks

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