Istick Pico 75w in the detailed test | Eleaf Melo 3 set experiences

Istick Pico 75wToday I would like to share my Istick Pico experiences and therefore publish a detailed description of my test with this little mod. The Eleaf Istick Pico is extremely handy and provides 75 watts with just one 18650 battery.

Some of the large atomizers can also be operated with this battery mod, although it must be said that the Istick Pico can of course not fully exploit them. But at least it could be used for most drippers.

It has the most important setting options, such as a temperature mode, the display can also be rotated for left-handers and much more that will be examined more closely in the course of this Istick Pico test.

Handling the Eleaf Istick Pico

The menu navigation seemed a bit strange to me at the beginning and therefore I also had the feeling that the Pico Istick would be difficult to use. The fact that the plus / minus buttons were at the bottom of the device was also not very helpful in getting the feeling under control.

However, the more I looked at the device, the more I realized that the Istick Pico can be adjusted like any other mod.

It is switched on by pressing the fire button five times; after pressing it three times, I am in the mode menu, which is then controlled via the plus / minus buttons.

The Istick Pico has the following modes:

  • bypass
  • watt
  • Temperature control for titanium, nickel and stainless steel
  • Storage locations M1-3

MenuThe device can be locked and unlocked by holding down the +/- buttons and is thus protected against unintentional adjustment of functions.

The stealth mode can be activated via the fire and minus buttons when the device is switched on. The battery level can be displayed with the same key combination when the device is switched off.

Unfortunately, I had to discover a small problem in the temperature mode, because 75 watts were preset there, which can be too much for some windings, as it takes about a second until the temperature control is active.

In addition, unlike usual, the battery is plugged in with the positive pole facing down, which would be a problem if the Istick Pico had not been fitted with reverse polarity protection.

What does the Istick Pico Set contain?

The firmware can be updated and the Istick Pico can therefore be upgraded. Evaporators up to 23mm can be installed on the 510 connection without protrusion and it is available in 15 different colors.

The battery carrier can be charged using the supplied USB cable and can also be used during the landing process.

The scope of delivery was manageable, so were included:

  • 1 Eleaf Istick Pico 75w
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 instruction manual

setToday the Eleaf Istick Pico has become an important companion wherever a large device simply attracts too much attention. In addition, the Istick Pico can be easily stowed in the jacket or, if necessary, in the trousers.

For steamer , which is not so much stand on thick clouds suited this battery carrier in any case and for just Amazon always a bargain.

Especially in combination as an Istick Pico Set with the Melo 3 Mini as a vaporizer for less than €.

The Istick Pico Melo 3 combination is not only characterized by its practical size, but also impresses with an excellent taste experience and also produces quite decent clouds.

Who is the Istick Pico Set for?

Who should buy an Istick Pico? This battery mod is less suitable for experienced vapers who are looking for that special kick through high performance.

In this case, this device would be suitable as a second device if it was just too cumbersome to take a larger device with you.

The Istick has the great advantage of having some power reserves.

When I started vaping, I first got myself a so-called starter kit, which then got boring relatively quickly, as it only had 20 watts and was soon in the closet and was forgotten.

20 to 30 watts is a good entry-level performance, but after a few weeks it is hardly enough to keep the taste upright.

The Istick Pico offers beginners a good reserve and is therefore absolutely suitable for beginners.

It can later serve as a second device. Most experienced steamers move in their power spectrum between 50 and 150 watts.

Melo 3 vaporizer – useful or not?

If you want to buy an Eleaf Istick Pico, I would recommend the Eleaf Istick Pico Melo 3 Set, as the scope of delivery increases significantly for less than 10 euros.

The set includes:

  • 1 Eleaf Istick Pico 75w
  • 1 Eleaf Melo 3 mini vaporizer
  • 1 Eleaf EC 0.3 ohm atomizer head
  • 1 Eleaf EC 0.5 ohm atomizer head
  • 4 sealing rings
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 instruction manual

The Melo 3 Mini can be filled up particularly cleanly using a topfilling process, with no more liquid running out of it.

The vape tank with its 2ml capacity is unfortunately rather small, which is not a problem in this performance class because of the low consumption.

Like its big brother, it is characterized by a particularly good taste development and has a hidden airflow below, via which the air supply can be controlled.

The supplied evaporator heads are used as the evaporator unit, the internal cotton wool must always be supplied with liquid juice before installation.

melo 3 miniThe supplied atomizer head with 0.3 ohms has a power rating of 30 to 80 watts and can thus be used to the maximum. The atomizer head with 0.5 ohms is specified with 50 to 100 watts.

Despite the huge range of colors, the set is always optically coordinated with one another thanks to the visible sealing rings and makes a huge difference. The workmanship is of very high quality.

My conclusion

A battery has to be bought for the Eleaf Istick Pico as this is not included in the scope of delivery. Here it is always advisable to pay attention to quality in order to protect yourself and your device.

The 18650 batteries from Sony and LG are very popular because they simply have a longer service life and can also deliver more power and thus do not get hot under high loads.

These were my results from the Eleaf Istick Pico Test. I hope that I have helped and would like to conclude with a conclusion. Every average vaper will be happy with the Istick Pico, because it is a device that impresses with its handiness.

Ideal for on the go, with great potential for flavor and vapor development. The device stands out in its class, especially in the Istick Pico Kit, with the atomizer that is precisely tailored to the battery mod.

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