Choosing a Vape Coil

What exactly is a Vape Coil you may ask? The most common term to describe an atomizer head is an e Juice coil. The coil, also known as a wick, is really a small part found within the vaporizer. Typically, the vaporizer head has a thin copper wire mesh and wick material wrapped around the copper core that serves as a heat source.

vape coil

Why do I like Vape Coils? They allow me to enjoy the vaporizing of the essential oils and fruit flavors without worrying about burn-outs. I can simply put the device away after using it. I prefer to use the nicotine-reducing version of the devices over the electronic cigarette because I am not addicted to these products like the traditional ones. The electronic cigarettes are designed to be battery operated and to mimic the real thing. They do work but can become addictive if used excessively.

Do I need to replace my E-juice every now and then? You should not have to. Just toss out the old e-juice pack or discard it and purchase a new one with a higher concentration of fruit flavorings. If you find that you crave a specific fruit or candy flavor, you may want to keep some of it around for emergencies. If you toss out your entire e-juice packet, however, you may find that you are not able to deal with the cravings and wish to just stick with the electronic cigarette.

Can my Vape Coil last forever? It depends on the quality of the material and the manufacturer. There are many quality brands of the devices that can last for years without degrading in performance. It will just take a little bit of maintenance to extend the life of your unit. Some people simply leave their units plugged in all day and they don’t bother to change out the paper towel because they believe that the lifespan of the unit is enhanced by leaving the paper towel in the tank for the entire 24 hours.

Can stainless steel coils be used to improve the lifespan of my E-juice? Using stainless steel coils is an excellent idea when it comes to improving the lifespan of your electronic cigarette. You should never use anything other than stainless steel in a situation where the device is being used. Using non-stainless materials will not only void the warranty on the vaporizer but can also damage the stainless steel surface over time.

Can I reuse the paper towel after cleaning the coils? You can always put the paper towel in the freezer for a few minutes to kill any bacteria or germs that may have stuck to it prior to cleaning. You can then pull out the cellophane and dispose of it. Although most coils can withstand quite a bit of abuse, it is always best to ensure that you are only using them one time before recycling or throwing them away. If the coils are damaged or the heater dies down, you can always unscrew them and put them in a zip lock bag and dispose of them properly.

Can I heat the heater? Although most coils are designed to be placed on a heating element, there are some that are designed for direct heat. To heat the heater simply remove the cover plate and attach the wire to one end of the coil on the bottom of the unit. Leave the wire connected to the heater until the coils are completely warm.

How do I get a better taste from my Vape? You should always try to ensure that the pre-made coil is of high quality. Choosing a coil that is not of high quality will lead to poor cloud production and flavour. You should also ensure that you are using a pre-made coil that is made from stainless steel as this will ensure that it is strong enough to keep the juices inside and also heat up quickly when the juice hits the heated heating element.