Augvape Intake Sub-Ohm Tank review



Today I Augvape intake tank for inspection, a collaboration between MikeVapes and Augvape. MikeVapes is my favorite so critical on YouTube so my expectations are high on this one.

Many may know RTA admission, earlier taking the series. The particularity of this tank is Clapton mesh metal tape used in the coil, Augvape claim GDR like aroma. We’ll see!


In the box:


– tank intake Narada Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit

– 1 * Glass Bubble

– 1 * 0.15 ohm regular coil Mesh

– 2 * Mesh Coil Clapton

– 2 * O-rings

– 1 * User Manual

– 1 * Warranty Card

ILike that you get three coils in the kit, do not remember everything I owned tanker which has three coils in the kit. Coils, but not packed or sealed and have a visible fingerprints on them, Augvape hope that the kit will improve the future.




This beautiful container with zero brand outside of the tank, right at the bottom. I like simple search tank and that’s what it is. Carved into the “A” over the entire tank provides the right grip for each part. Overall this machine is well done and if the quality of feeling, this tank was the strongest of all the tanks SubOhm I submitted so far, and I have great hands.

Even if the tank is much better with the right lenses; glass bubbles only have a higher capacity (3.5 vs 5 ml) are important to the tank. 5ml is a kind of standard
It is easy to disassemble the entire tank to replace the rollers and cleaning. As the rings also come from the airflow. One thing I was struggling a bit with the touch of a coil with empty hands, it’s a shame they do not understand the removal tool coil to make it a little easier. Coils installed easily.

Top easily filled with 90 degrees of lock key mechanism, as I like the SubOhm tank. Most hat offers a good grip for easy opening. It is recessed seat for the rubber stoppers are inserted into the filling hole, which guarantees a good sealing.

Airflow allows a lot of air, and a beautiful limited edition. I must say that the noise of the air flow is very smooth and quiet enough for this type of tank. airflow ring moves easily and because the peak recorded in the “A” is very easy to get a good grip.

There is only one point decrease in the kit, but it is a net right point. In the bottom limit position because it is too short.

Let us now talk performance. I started with a wire mesh Clapton, just because it is marketed as an innovative taste and upscale. Admittedly, the taste is amazing on this coil, and what I like even more is the fact that it is probably a little warmer than usual coil Mesh, perhaps because of the design Clapton. The sense level GDR? I would say yes, at least very close. The difference with the GDR, however, is that you do not need to buy a Rolls-drop and if the performance you just fall leaves replace cotton. But for those looking for a taste of SubOhm tank with falling rolls is a good choice.

Another coil Mesh does what you would expect from a coil mesh, provides a good flavor and a dense cloud. If I had to choose between the two coils, it will be Clapton wire mesh, the only truly revolutionary in my opinion. In the Netherlands, we would say “A blow to the bullseye” and I think the technology is suitable mesh Clapton by many companies soon, it was good.
Two coils do not have any problems with chain vaping all, highly saturated axis relentlessly. I’ll have some accumulation of condensation through the air high speed, overtime, to slightly below the ring moisty air flow,


Looking for a drop tank SubOhm coil which provides a fantastic flavor? Then this may be your best option right now. Wire mesh is really great Clapton. I highly recommend this SubOhm tank, but keep in mind it is my opinion

If there is a downside to mention that it would be difficult to take a roll with his bare hands, and the fact that the coils do not come sealed and a little dirty.
One good thing about this tank is the price, you can get them from various sites for under $ 20 and you get three coils inside the box!

Thank you for reading, take care!

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