That review about Uwell vape pod caliburn Nunchaku Amulet Crown IV

I received a Uwell Nunchaku 2 the purposes of this review.

Nunchaku 2 colors:

– blue
– Black
– money
– iridescent



– Size: 29.9 mm x 100 mm
– Material: stainless steel, polycarbonate
– Battery Type: 18650/20700/21700 individual cells (not included)
– Power Range: 5-100W
– Operating mode: the power mode, the TCR mode, fashion Mech
– Resistance range: 0.1-3ohm (VW); 0.1-1ohm (TC)
– Temperature: 100 ℃ -315 ℃ / 200 ℉ ℉ -600


  1. powered by a single battery output 100W max 18650/20700/21700
    2. The different modes: power mode, mode TCR and Mech
    3. PCBA is dustproof and moisture-proof, to effectively protect the device central unit
    4. The chip has multiple circuit protection features to ensure stability, security and reliable performance
    5. Sensor 6-axis motion of a new operating experience
    6. 5V / 2A fast charging, which reduces charge time
    7. Available in 4 colors: silver, blue, black, colorful


In the frame:

– Good nunchaku 2 Mod
– 18650 Arm
– Micro USB Cable
– User’s Guide

caliburn uwell is an improved version of the previous model nunchaku.This device comes in 4 different colors and designs of this model is the same as before. Personally, I really like the design of this mod and nunchaku is very convenient to use if you like the tube mods.
mod build quality is very good and I felt very good in the hand. You can see some details of the Department of Defense, you can see the “nunchaku and 2” and under the battery cover, you can see the “nunchaku and 2” and its Web page. This mod works 5-100w mods and mod work with the media. Nunchaku 2 supports 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries were really good.

From the top you can see the connection and cable model is here, I have no problem with my atomizers and PIN is gold plated and spring here.

This mod, can be used up to 26 mm diameter in Crown vape without a good projection for me.

Sub mod have a battery cover and the battery cover, you can see some details that helps when you want to open the lid of the mod. Put here is really good. If the battery cover is removed, you can see the orientation of the recorded battery. As I said, this device supports 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries. Generally, you will receive an adapter to 18650 if dont’t 21,700 batteries. Personally, I really want to use the 21700 battery and think it’s great that this device compatible with battery 21700. On the back of the Caliburn Pod. You can see a USB port that can be used to charge the battery, and this mod support rapid charging, but as usual, I suggest you use an external charger.
Before the mod, you can see the buttons on the screen and fire.
fire button on this unit stand out, very clicky and details that really count a lot in it. As the trigger works very well. The device’s screen is small, but the brightness of the screen is very good and you can see the information on the screen without any problems.
As you can see, we do not have the keys and less, but we have a sensor that is used here.
In addition, the board of the device is resistant to dust and moisture-proof is excellent.
To activate it you must click five times on the fire button to turn off the mod should you do the same thing.
When the screen, you can see:

– W
– process
– coil resistance
– The battery indicator

To enter the menu you must click 3 times on the shutter button and enter the menu, you’ll see:


– Supply Mode
– TCR Mode
– Mech Mode
– The factory settings

If you want to customize your power, you need to click 3 times on the shutter button, then you must

select a power mode and after that you have to tilt the mod right to increase or left to lower watts of power. In the same way, when you enter the menu by pressing the shutter button 3 times mod must lean left or right to scroll. Uwell Crown IV,works very well and once when you are used, you can customize almost everything easy and hassle.


Protection on these devices:


– Short-circuit protection

– Low-voltage protection

– Temperature Protection

– the reverse battery protection




How do these devices work and my thoughts:


Amulet Vape is an improved version of the previous model.

The design of this device is similar and I love it because this mod is very convenient to use and I really like tube mods. mod good building quality, feels like a very dense morning. This mod, you can use up to 26 mm diameter atomizers no more for me. the previous model is only compatible with the 18650 batteries, but they have changed and are compatible with a larger battery that is really good. Because of this mod is compatible with a larger battery is slightly larger than the previous bite. the shutter button is very nice and convenient to use and remember that the previous model E every day, I have no problem with the trigger, i belive that is also going to be very good in the future. The sensors have here works very well and really used to it quickly and once you do, you will be able to adjust quickly and smoothly. mod mod is very simple to use than many people would like. In addition, it is very good that this board mod dust and moisture resistant. So far, this model works well and remember how long I was using the model before believing that I use for a long time without any problem.
If you like the previous version, but you want the version that you can not mod 21,700 to make a mistake with this one, and in this case, of course, will tell you about it.



– No plus and minus buttons, one does not like, I personally really Sensor, and it works very well and once you get used to not have a problem


– The build quality is good
– atomizers diameter 26 mm
– a good fire button
– The sensor works well
– Easy to use
– comfortable to use
– Good Topics
– Compatible with 21,700, 20,700, 18,650 batteries
– a good screen brightness
– The board is resistant to dust and moisture proof
– Given the quality of the previous model painting, I can tell a good painting
– No mod leftovers when shaken



sourcemore thanks

You can buy the kit here : Uwell pod


Voopoo Drag Nano Platinum Vinci Tc Box Mod Manua Pnp Coils review

I received Voopoo Vinci X the purposes of this review.


Voopoo x color:


– P-aurora

– Pink

– Blue P-Prussian

– P-purple jade

– P-red




– Power range: 5W-217W

– Battery: 21700 * 2 (Compatible with battery 20700/18650)

– Output voltage: 0 V – 7.5 V

– Output current: 0A – 40A

– Resistance Mode Power range: 0.05 to 3.0, 0.05 and 1.5 TC fashion

– Temperature: 100-315 / 200-600

– Dimensions: 93 * 50.6 * 33mm


In the frame:


– x217 217W TC

– 18650 Battery Adapter x 2

– USB Cable

– User’s Guide

– GEN smart card

– Warranty card


Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum is powered by two batteries and this work mod to 217W. Each time Voopoo Too 180w Tc Box Mod also has a genetic chip that, in the opinion of my good chip. Mod Size: 93mm x 33mm x 50.6mm. I like the design of this model, I will change a bit, but basically this mod looks amazing in my opinion, very nice mod. On the side you can see carbon, behind the mod, you can see the beautiful resin panel, also on the back you can see engraved “Voopoo” on the shutter button, you can see the resin and down each less and less buttons, you can see the logo.


From the top you can see the connection of stainless steel screw on top of the MOD and this part was very good good son, I had no problems and we also have here a spring pin gold plated 510. the like top of the mod atomizer scrathed never in my mod could not see scratches on top. In this mod, you can use up to 33 mm diameter was amazing atomizers, it can be used essentially the atomizer here almost false.


Sub mod, you can see the battery cover and this section seems so far and I hope it remains good because it is a very important part of the mod, so I told her look good on the cover of the battery can see the vent hole and you can also see sculptures. When the battery door is open, I can see engraved on the orientation of the batteries inside. This mod works with two batteries 21700 20700 or two batteries and also if you do not have 21,700 or 20,700 18,650 batteires be used with an adapter that will receive the package. It is very good in my opinion because I want to use two batteries 21,700. When the Ministry of Defense is stirred with battery inside can hear the rattle of the battery will be a disadvantage for some people.

Before the mod, you can see the shutter button, the screen, the less buttons, USB port and quite large LED light.

fire button on this mod is great, I like resin on the shutter button, shutter button is also very Voopoo Drag Manual and it works great, no fire was completely lost, the button works great shot every time. More Button Work least as well without any problems.

USB port on this model can be used to update the software model also balanced so you can charge your batteries here if you have no external battery charger charging, but as usual I suggest you charge your batteries in an external charger.

In the picture you can see how to wear a visible light on the device. You can change the color of the light or if you do not like the light pipe can be disabled.

The screen of this device is precious, the screen size is 1.7 inches and has a color screen. On the screen, you can see very clearly all the good information. On the screen you can see:



– Two battery indicator

– process

– (mode according which it is used) Watts / temperature

– Puffs

– Time puff

– coil resistance

– Volts / Watts (according to mode is used)


To activate the mod must click five times on the fire button to turn it off, you must do the same. You can also lock the device in order to do this, you keep the shutter button and a button, you must also do the same with open mod. When you lock your device can not be used.

Each time you click 3 times on the shutter button you can choose from:



– Standard Mode

– Tc Fashion

– The functions




When you are working in standard mode or TC mode and maintains more buttons and less get more options. If he keeps the plus and minus buttons below the “function”, see:


– Lock Menu

– select Clock

– Brightness

– Led select

– Fund selecting Screen

– Select the language

– Time to choose

– Set date

– screw system

– Exit




As you can see, on your device, you can do a lot of that will appeal to many people, you can adjust the screen brightness, mod has the time and date, you can set if dizziness to equal him and you can change the wallpaper of interest. Anyway, this mod has a lot of very nice selection.


A protection device:


– Protection of autoliquidación

– Short-circuit protection

– Protection of overtime

– Protection against overheating

– Output protection overcurrent

– Overload protection

– balanced load

How do these devices work and my thoughts:


As I said I really like the design of this model, maybe I want more resin in the mod, but basically it looks great in my opinion. Mod good shape, got up very nice in hand and this mod is very comfortable to use. At the beginning I did not like the position of the shutter button very fast but I got used and now I love it. large fire button, which works very well and I think the resin in the fire button detail was good. The colors in the great modern look, so far no scrathes on mod, maybe a little at the bottom of the model, but almost nothing, a very good job with color here. In this mod, you can use up large atomizers 33 mm diameter. The battery cover looks good so far and I hope it will do the job in the future. We have here a bit stupid when you put the battery and rocked the mod, you can hear the noise. You can also charge the battery of a mod, but as I said I recommend that you can charge your batteries in an external charger.

big screen, much of the information we have on the screen and you can see all the information very clearly. I also like it here we have the color screen and I like the choice of this unit. I believe that I like that I can use here Batterries 21,700. large genetic chip, which works well and I have no problem.

So basically x217 well-built model and it works great with everything you have many options here, and if you like the design that can advise this Voopoo Pnp Replacement Coils







– Rattle battery





– comfortable to use

– Good quality

– Good Color

– You can use the battery 21700, 20700 or 18600

– Chip works well gene

– Color Display

– The times and dates

– You can change the wallpaper

– Both the shutter button and the plus and minus buttons

– can be used up to 33 mm diameter atomizers

– Battery load balanced

– Led screen

– You can change the display brightness



sourcemore thanks

You can get the device here: Voopoo Drag Nano


This about IJOY Captain Mercury Jupiter Shogun Diamond Bae review

Captain IJOY come in several different colors:

– Black
– H.H
– Rainbow
– Gun Metal
– blue
– Red
– Purple
– Green
– Gold
– White


Saber 100 MOD

– Size: 97 (height) x 29 mm (diameter)
– Maximum power: 100W
– Output Mode: VW
– Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0ohm
– Battery type:
20,700 battery (DC discharge = 40A, inclusive),
18650 battery adapter (continuous discharge current = 25A, not included)
Compatibility tank – There is nothing wrong with the tank 25 mm
– Topic: About 510

IJOY “and” Tank Diamonds “on the upper deck, you can see engraved” IJOY “and diamond engraving. Under the previous limit, you can see some of the details and the details of the same diamond ring to adjust the air flow ..

sub-ohm tank equipped with a diamond tip very good drops, two rings and O end drops drops very ends in place. You can not use here 510 or 810 drip tips. You can unscrew the tip of the wire to the base. I love this decline, which is more comfortable than the end of the dripping of a baby version of this tank. The decrease from the end of 16 mm, the diameter of the tip 10 drops mm.

It is the top spray filler and can remove the top cover is very easy, you just need to turn up and it is, you can fill the tank without problems, two details engraved on the upper deck of much help when you want to open the top cover. Capital letter output, you can see a large hole for liquid letter, so it may not be a problem, even with a large bottle. To fill more fun.

It is equipped with a spray tank glass bubble glass bubble tanks with a capacity of 5.5 ml, which was very good. colored glass bubbles, you can view the image as it looks. Also in the package, receive another glass container tank capacity of ordinary glass and ordinary glass tank is a liquid 4ml letter, which remains a large capacity. I use a glass bubble tanks because it seemed best for me and the tank has a larger capacity. Also, if you like, you can buy a diamond tank with a tank capacity of 2 ml.

Vape IJOY shogun

– Diameter: 25 mm
– Height: 56.5mm
– Capacity: 5.5 ml (with plain glass tube 4 ml) (standard) / 2 ml (Version TPD)
– coil: coil 0.15ohm DM-Mesh (40-90W, pre-installed)
DM DM-Coil 0.15ohm (40-90W)
– 810 sophisticated edge drops dripping resin
– Subject: 510


Very compact, portable pen style
CNC engraving with attractive colors
Compatible with single battery 20700/18650
The maximum output of 100W with advanced chip IWEPAL
custom buttons fire pentagonal
bright and large screen
custom single-user mode
Beautiful tank subohm with diamond design stylish
180 ° load screws set up
New DM DM DM diamond-mesh coil and coil


In the frame:

– IJOY SABER 100 (100W)
– 20,700 IJOY battery
– 18650 Adapter
– DM-Mesh 0.15ohm coil (40-90W I installed)
– 0.15ohm (40-90W) coil-DM DM
– Replacement Glass
– Toolbox
– USB Cable
– Guarantee card

IJOY Diamond Bae come in several different colors, I received it in color stainless steel. The diameter of the vessel sub-ohm diamond is 25 mm, the size of the deposit is 56.5mm. the build quality is good and is very similar to a smaller version of the tank, of course, it is bigger and a couple of different things.

You could see the sculptures in the atomizer, at the bottom you can see engraved “Designed by IJOY” and “Diamonds Tank” on the upper deck, you can see engraved “IJOY” and diamond engravings. Below the previous limit, you can see some details and the details of the same diamond ring is adjusting air flow ..

This deposit will receive two coils, two coils are coils networks. This winding is pre-installed DM – mesh coil, the coil resistance is 0.15ohm was recommended that the supply reel is 40-90w. Replacement coil packet receiving DM DM coil, the coil resistance is 0.15ohm, it is recommended coil power is 40-90w. Before filling the tank, it must be the first coil with a few drops of liquid and because this way Pod IJOY jupiter will be avoided when winding starts, can fill the tank and can be used without pull away.

For spraying, you can buy a head coil RBA to install their own, it is a big advantage, because if the tank, you can save money by RBA head coil.

atomizer is compatible with several rolls:

– X3 – C1, resistance coil 0.4ohm, suggested strength 60-90w
– X3 – C3, six coil, coil resistance is 0.2ohm, suggested strength 90-110w
– X3 – C2, the coil resistance 0.3ohm, suggested strength 60-100w
– X3 – C1S, wood pulp and cotton, the resistance of the coil 0.35ohm, the proposed power 40-80w
– X3 – Mesh, wood pulp and cotton, the resistance of the coil 0.15ohm, the proposed power 40-90w
– X3 – RBA
– DM – C2M, 0.3ohm coil resistance, the proposed 60-100w
– DM – C1M, this resistance 0.35ohm coil, the proposed force 40-80w
– DM – DM, this 0.15ohm coil resistance, suggested style 40-90w
– DM – Mesh, this resistance 0.15ohm coil, the proposed force 40-90w


Thread a very good base, you can almost effortlessly changing rolls. The tank bottom, you can see more than 510 gold plated pin is also good here.
No flow control at the base of the ring and two air holes for ventilation. You can easily adjust the air flow, which you settle on the one hand, it will be the same on the other side.
The air flow is different between this version and the baby version of the atomizer, the air reservoir diamond diamond baby, also controls the air flow ring here is a bit more flexible, but still works well.
How does it work? Atomizer:

Very simple tank sub-ohm, can easily fill, have a very large hole, so you will not have any problems with filling and can be changed easily and quickly reel you.
You can not use your suggestions here 810 and 510 drops, if this could be a trap for someone, but I think it is very convenient to use and are not a problem for me. Coils worked well, no tweaks and fluids, 70-30 pg vg use of e-liquid in the tank and everything is almost as good. excellent vapor production. good taste, I prefer the coil mesh DM, I think it’s best to taste and want to use it, Dm dm-coil is also good, but my first thought was a little better.
RBA head also a huge advantage because you can save a lot of money.
This is a very hard tank sub-ohm with good build quality.


My joy saber mod

Pod IJOY mercury is arranged tubes. the maximum output power is 100W.

Looks good, in my opinion, this model is 29 mm lower, but above the mod diameter 27.5 mm, but again the 25 mm inner diameter of connection, so it can be used here atomizers 25 mm, it is suspended. Mod is the height of 97 mm, which is not very big mod and for me to be here. sword IJOY is powered by a single battery, it supports two types of batteries that can be used batteries 20700 here and you can use the total of 18650, you will receive 18,650 adapters PRO here in the package, you will receive a 20700 battery, you can use the sword when you take if you do not have a battery. It is encouraging that the battery in the package. build quality is good, there is no waste when the shaking models except the shutter button, you can hear the shutter a bit, but everything else was good. We can see some details about the mod, mod you can see engraved “IJOY” top model, you can see engraved “Mei you spray force” under the battery cover, you can see engraved “designed by IJOY”. Pin 510 stainless steel spring IJOY sword and gold plated.
In the Ministry of Defense, you can see the USB port to charge and update the firmware, you can charge the battery of a mod, but I recommend using an external charger.
On the model side, you can see the shutter button has a diamond shape that looks great, dislocation, but have little to play a bit when the shakes in the morning. projection on the trigger and can be easily found when taken and want VAPE am. shutter works great every time until now there was completely no loss of fire. plus and minus buttons are also good, the buttons are dislocations, even more than the shutter button and when the Ministry of Defense was stirred plus and minus keys are stored.
Just below the plus and minus buttons on the screen, the screen brightness is very good and you can see everything on the screen.
In a smooth battery and child, you can easily change the battery. Also at the top you can see the detail that helps when you want to open the cover mod. The battery cover is ventilation. In Remove the battery cover, you can see how your record must put the battery, but the Ministry of Defense that can be seen are marked with red to change the battery means, the Ministry of Defense also has battery for protection against, if an error is made. Pin on the battery cover is spring loaded.
It is very easy to use this mod, mod is very simple. To activate the mod must click five times on the fire button to turn off the Defense Ministry must click five times the shutter button. With five times the click to activate it, you will see the “Saber” screen and the firmware version. In the model change on the screen, you can see:

– Power
– The battery indicator
– stroke
– Coil Resistance

This model is operated and VW for someone who would be a scam, but for someone who is a great professional sand because IJOY have features that can interfere with people or someone who is basically how complicated everything is very easy and simple.
In this mod, you can reset the counter and breathing do, you need to click 3 times on the shutter button and ask you to reset the counter breathing.
You can adjust the power 5W – 100 W and 0.1 W when the button is pressed the power adjustment is more progressive, but if pressed a total of 1 mg and gradually grow faster.

Some of protection:
– Short-circuit protection
– Low Power Protection
– check Battery


So iJoy saber is in my opinion a very beautiful model of the tube, which is highly subjective, but I like the way it looks and the size of it, because this mod is not so much that it is very convenient to use. More recently, we could see a lot of mods tube and I really like, because it can be very useful mods tube.
It works very solid key, sensible heat and fast, used to use this 50watts. It’s nice that the battery pack is 20,700 so if you do not have 20,700 batteries, which can be used. IJOY of 20,700 batteries, which have some of these batteries, 21,700 and 20,700 I IJOY battery, which should last longer and the battery still works well. It is encouraging that in the package there is also an adapter to 18650 and if you want, you can use the 18650 I personally like it can also be used by 21,700, but it does not matter, because you can always use batteries designed 20700. little here, I believe, and IJOY true hope with the next update, I think when the battery indicator appears two bars each time the screen is off and spray missing while pressing the shutter “Saber” and the firmware version of the press and after the second, you can vape, but I think it will be fixed with an update.
Build quiality as I said, very good, once again I have to mention the great benefits of the battery, this model is also very convenient to use and if you like to change the tube configuration of the game as well.

You can buy it here: IJOY

Comments on some products of the brand Ehpro

I received a gift from heaven average Ehpro Cold Steel 200 purposes of this review.


The color of the Ehpro Kelpie:


– Black

– The corrosion of iron




– Size: 25 x 40 mm

– Capacity: 2 ml (a glass bubble tube included 3.5 ml)

– Material: Steel Glass / Steel

– Topic: About 510


In the frame:


– 2 ml Ehpro Kelpie RTA

– Pre-Spools

– Glass tubes 3.5 ml

– O-ring

– Screwdriver

– Philips head screws

– cotton

– User’s Guide

– Warranty card

– Certification Map


Average Kelpie designed by Vic youtube channel vaping With Vic and produced by Ehpro Fusion. There is a coil atomize and is available in two colors, I received a stainless steel. Spray comes in a nice package in the package, receive and cotton rolls, so if you do not, you can use cotton coil and whose packaging is very good, also in the package you will receive a glass bubble tanks. In the upper eyelid, you can see some details are very nice and the air flow ring, you can see some details with adjusting the airflow. In the upper eyelid, you can see the “Kelpie” recorded and you can see the arrow on the room you can see the engraved logo. From the bottom of the atomizer You can see the standard and the information we have here 510 gold-plated pins and thread here either.


With the atomizer, you will receive a 810 point drop, drip tip is preinstalled and falls finish a very nice place and I think it is very convenient to use. In the atomizer, you can use the other end of the 810 leaves you if it does so.

This is the atomizer over the filling and have a sliding system here, so basically you just need to push the envelope to fill the tank. In the upper eyelid, you can see the arrow is where you have to push the lid and pressing the top cover, you can see the fill hole and the hole large enough, you will be able to use what the bottle is here without any problems. There is nothing to escape filling the sprayer is excellent. On the upper deck, the top deck is a little loose, I want more tension here, but still above the roof itself Openet never in my pocket so far is good. However, the spray is very easy to complete and can do so without any problems.


Atomizer equipped with two glass tanks, a tank regular glass and has a capacity of tank 2 ml, this capacity may be fine for some people. The other comes in the package is a glass bubble tank and the tank has a capacity of 3.5 ml capacity, which is good considering the size of the tank. In this atomizer I want to use a glass bubble tanks to capacity and think this is a great favor, because many people will be using the tank glass bubble. O upper clamp ring of the tank is very good, so basically, the coil can be changed or cotton when it left liquid in the tank well email.


Building a platform spray is much more interesting in the construction of a platform can see four posts and a pro here is that it can essentially a coil regardless of coil wound, while the coil wire is on the same side you can always put a reel on building a platform, very big pro in my opinion.

While screw holding reel units lead the fixing screw is good, but a very small screw and it will be a scam, but it is always a good live performance.

In the atomizer is the construction of a bridge, one can see a large number of holes airflow, 30 holes, you can see the air flow, so that the air flow will hit the lower reel and wound coils a very good team. Perhaps it could be better than the holes in a row on each side is not here because the air flow of the last line of drilling spools missing. Also on the cover, one can see two slots wick. Harnessing cotton can almost easy average and can easily be put on the bridge.

Basically, you can see the control ring airflow and ring, you can be seen two holes airflow. You can easily adjust the airflow and that fits on the one hand, it will be the same on the other side, we also have a plug here.


How does it work? Atomizer and my mind:


Let me start with the packaging, really they are included in the package two coils and cotton because someone uses a packing coil and cotton, I think this is a great advantage and I think that each atomizer should send coil and cotton, as I like a lot in the package, you will receive a glass tank with a tank capacity of the bubble in a better way.

Average construction is very simple and easy, great advantage that no matter how the coils will be able to place the Ehpro Panther on the deck wrapped, but the small screw and defrauding someone, work well without new screws problem. In this atomizer I want to use a coil of 3 mm in diameter and I would advise you to 3 mm coil atomizer, because I think it works better with 3mm coil. Ehpro 101 Pro is very easy, so, I suggest you put cotton as I did in the picture you can see how it looks. It is very important for cotton as I did because of the amount of absorption and no leaks. So if you do everything I no problems with leaks and moisture wicking.

Fill the hole at the top is good and you will be able to fill the tank with a very good bottle, but I believe that the tension in the upper lid should be better, once again, was never opened by itself, even very good.

Average taste was fine, or I could say a lot of taste, but I believe the taste will be better with fewer holes in the platform, but it’s a definite sense hunter.

airflow atomizer is very good, very smooth air flow and air flow really here, also restricts ariflow I like personally and the airflow is very good for me and my style vaping.

So this is a very good repellent especially if you want to buy good taste atomizer, because with it you will get a good taste it is also very smooth airflow and establish a good quality.






– screw a very small platform

– I want more pressure on the upper deck







– Good build quality

– I love design

– Pointe drip Practice

– Coils and cotton in the package

– No leakage

– easy to fill

– cotton can be changed when the liquid is left in the tank

– The very smooth airflow

– the air flow honeycomb coil

– Excellent taste

– Easy to adjust the airflow

– tank glass bubble in the package

– It’s easy to build

– Is easy axis

– You can put a little matter how the coil is wrapped



Thank you gift from the sky

Review — Anything Different From Lost Vape Orion

This seems to Smok accelerate the release of new products recently. Today we are here to examine the pod system Smok new kit – Smok Trinity Alpha kit. Before we begin, I ask that anyone here bought Orion Q vape missing or DNA pod kit yet? I’m sure you know a little more about the Lost vape Orion series. Well, you might find a reflection of the Orion kit at Trinity Alpha.

Dimensions: 91 x 16 mm 38X
Capacity: 2 ml / 2.8 ml
Coil: coil 0.6ohm North Mesh / Mesh-MTL North coil 0.8ohm
Power: 10-25W (SOFT / NORMAL / HARD MODE)
Battery Type: Built-in 1000mAh
Input voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
Output voltage: 2.4V-6V
Load current: 10.7A
Load voltage DC 5V 1A
Resistance Range: 0.4-1.4ohm
Package Contents:
Smok Trinity Alpha Battery
Smok Trinity Alpha Pod vacuum (2.8 ml)
North Mesh 0.6ohm coil
North-MTL 0.8ohm coil Mesh
1 x USB cable
1 x Manual
battery design

As I said above, you will find some reflections on the Trinity vape Lost Alpha Orion series on this kit. Maybe some people like to know what kind of “what is happening with this kit” when you see this image. LOL.

The battery is fully made of a zinc alloy material with the surface of process carefully polished. So you can find this kit so glittery and shiny under the light. colors of the rainbow is always a choice of traditional color in the pod kit. On each side of the battery design so as to provide a form of smooth touch feeling resin. But I’m a little scared so easy to leave fingerprints on the surface and the intermediate metal frame. The truth is that just what I fear. On the other hand, the colorful appearance and shiny and pretty obvious sweet. Now keep in mind that this does not leave a scratch on this kit.

large fire buttons offer more comfort in cooperation. Compare with Lost Orion vape, no power mode function on this trinity alpha kit with single press button to set. Hard mode / Normal / you can choose to use soft. And the corresponding power is 10W-25W.

Meanwhile, there is a security protection to the position of platforms – lock button on the pod cartridge. Unlike the magnetic connection design on the most pod kit, but it is the same as the Lost vape Orion series. Provide special locking button vaping safer if you have a baby that is still being played around you when you vaping. Personally, I would name the baby proof locks.

design Pod

Pod cartridge also comes with a special design in a way. filling filling pull-then-hole brand becomes easier. Compare with the design of the screw Lost vape Orion port, pull light switch and charging on alpha trinity simpler and more efficient. And you can also see the air hole in the charging port next pods.

coil design is inherited from Smok north, which means Trinity alpha pod compatible with the Smok North rollers. North north of mesh nets 0.6ohm and 0.8ohm coil MTL coil included in the package for a range of vaping experience and needs.

With the great success that the kit Smok has been done, there will be more of the same pod Smok kit coil design in the future. Well, you can see this coil design in a box kit – Morph kit 219. Check this kit here, you may find of interest.

Compare with Lost Orion vape?

Honestly, the breakthrough and innovation is what we want to see in the vaping market. Of course, we need to mature technologies in the kit vaping instead of semi-finished products. The Orion lack vape, vape all the happiest love to see a single pod design of this kit. For now, Smok try to learn and reproduce this kind of pod set. Meanwhile, they also make their own adjustments and changes into a single pod kit becomes easier to use. People can not understand why Smok take the path of reproduction because they really have the ability to create and innovate. I do not know either. But we, the fans and vape users, where there is a change, we applaud and support.


Leave aside in the same general design, trinity Smok alpha pod kit kit is undoubtedly brilliant. Ensure the design of the special representative coil and excellent performance in this kit. By the way, do not forget the integrated 1000mAh battery. Because you can spend more than a day vaping time. Honestly, I hope will be adopted design of traction and filling on a more human and more pod kit. Believe me, you want to try again after the silicone port connector you use the trinity of Alpha kit Smok.

Of course, I would recommend this guy Smok Trinity Alpha kit.

Here: Smok Trinity Alpha Starter Kit 1000mAh


Thanks for reading!

Augvape Intake Sub-Ohm Tank review



Today I Augvape intake tank for inspection, a collaboration between MikeVapes and Augvape. MikeVapes is my favorite so critical on YouTube so my expectations are high on this one.

Many may know RTA admission, earlier taking the series. The particularity of this tank is Clapton mesh metal tape used in the coil, Augvape claim GDR like aroma. We’ll see!


In the box:


– tank intake Narada Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit

– 1 * Glass Bubble

– 1 * 0.15 ohm regular coil Mesh

– 2 * Mesh Coil Clapton

– 2 * O-rings

– 1 * User Manual

– 1 * Warranty Card

ILike that you get three coils in the kit, do not remember everything I owned tanker which has three coils in the kit. Coils, but not packed or sealed and have a visible fingerprints on them, Augvape hope that the kit will improve the future.




This beautiful container with zero brand outside of the tank, right at the bottom. I like simple search tank and that’s what it is. Carved into the “A” over the entire tank provides the right grip for each part. Overall this machine is well done and if the quality of feeling, this tank was the strongest of all the tanks SubOhm I submitted so far, and I have great hands.

Even if the tank is much better with the right lenses; glass bubbles only have a higher capacity (3.5 vs 5 ml) are important to the tank. 5ml is a kind of standard
It is easy to disassemble the entire tank to replace the rollers and cleaning. As the rings also come from the airflow. One thing I was struggling a bit with the touch of a coil with empty hands, it’s a shame they do not understand the removal tool coil to make it a little easier. Coils installed easily.

Top easily filled with 90 degrees of lock key mechanism, as I like the SubOhm tank. Most hat offers a good grip for easy opening. It is recessed seat for the rubber stoppers are inserted into the filling hole, which guarantees a good sealing.

Airflow allows a lot of air, and a beautiful limited edition. I must say that the noise of the air flow is very smooth and quiet enough for this type of tank. airflow ring moves easily and because the peak recorded in the “A” is very easy to get a good grip.

There is only one point decrease in the kit, but it is a net right point. In the bottom limit position because it is too short.

Let us now talk performance. I started with a wire mesh Clapton, just because it is marketed as an innovative taste and upscale. Admittedly, the taste is amazing on this coil, and what I like even more is the fact that it is probably a little warmer than usual coil Mesh, perhaps because of the design Clapton. The sense level GDR? I would say yes, at least very close. The difference with the GDR, however, is that you do not need to buy a Rolls-drop and if the performance you just fall leaves replace cotton. But for those looking for a taste of SubOhm tank with falling rolls is a good choice.

Another coil Mesh does what you would expect from a coil mesh, provides a good flavor and a dense cloud. If I had to choose between the two coils, it will be Clapton wire mesh, the only truly revolutionary in my opinion. In the Netherlands, we would say “A blow to the bullseye” and I think the technology is suitable mesh Clapton by many companies soon, it was good.
Two coils do not have any problems with chain vaping all, highly saturated axis relentlessly. I’ll have some accumulation of condensation through the air high speed, overtime, to slightly below the ring moisty air flow,


Looking for a drop tank SubOhm coil which provides a fantastic flavor? Then this may be your best option right now. Wire mesh is really great Clapton. I highly recommend this SubOhm tank, but keep in mind it is my opinion

If there is a downside to mention that it would be difficult to take a roll with his bare hands, and the fact that the coils do not come sealed and a little dirty.
One good thing about this tank is the price, you can get them from various sites for under $ 20 and you get three coils inside the box!

Thank you for reading, take care!

Voopoo Drag X 80W 4.5ml And Black

Voopoo Drag X 80W 4.5ml and black ink painting of carbon fiber. Voopoo technical systems in millions of colors, seven colors available for your choice Voopoo spray kit is powered by a maximum output and built-in battery can not be less than 40W Voopoo vape.NAVI MOD POD

Inhalation of air flow products, breath control and breathe fresh air and configurable user: Voopoo Vinci innovative X airbox three streams for me! Covering a rechargeable hand – size 3.8 ml of the basic capabilities of your vaping experience. The software also comes with a sliding box kit Mini NAVI Voopoo two coils and spraying the skin slipping PnP MV4 series. Secondly, it will bring the best experience of the delicate flavor and thick clouds.

Scroll Voopoo Drag Manual What’more NAVI overcome this sensitivity is unprecedented and the force of the blast, the independent innovation through the air, the air input mode NAVI enough for air replacement and subvert many special knowledge. And probably not smart playlist VW coil Voopoo X sliding friction have cake and other functions. For additional security, the protection of seven to support: Voopoo Avenger circuits against overload, protecting the maximum power – Protection of protection against voltage surges and diacharge – temperature protection. In short, a fantastic and very nice, just be happy and enjoy vaping all day.

The Voopoo Drag Starter Kit Adopted

The Voopoo Drag Starter Kit adopted a new chip with integrated 1500mAh battery to support the automatic and manual modes to meet your different needs. It also comes with a practical capacity and juice 3.8 ml / 2 ml (TPD) in the mouthend of fine droplets. Furthermore, Voopoo Vinci Mod adopts the innovative flow with three patented pneumatic air to breathe independently. In addition to the features that support all coils as coils Slide 2 platinum mesh Voopoo NAVI clouds get very good taste and rich.

A Drag Voopoo same 157W, Voopoo Vinci RBA is a highly portable enclosure system with the power of traditional mod box. The kit FETCH MINI comes with a 1200mAh battery connection and resistant design dust resistant the oil pod is compatible with the RPM and families.Featuring NORTH coil details elegant glass, body color, Voopoo Drag X Pod capacity internal battery 1200mAh 40W and 5W watts variables. Swipe the screen Voopoo all price data for vaping and single fire button and two buttons ideal for compact and ergonomic feel. Take pods MINI available in two configurations and the magnetic characteristics of the connection.

Voopoo Navi

Voopoo Drag Vape Entrainment

Voopoo Drag Vape Entrainment is a mini portable devices that take advantage of the ultra-innovative nacelle and the mod box and combine them into a single unit. Powered by the new gene chip has an integrated Voopoo Drag 157W vaping needs and supports manual and automatic loading. In manual mode, you can adjust the output power button kit Voopoo Pod system. Innovative blow to monitor and record their usual two weeks vaping. Color TFT screen of 0.96 inches lets you see all the statistics like Vape batteries, shock and fashion / watt, etc.

VOOPOO Drag X VW Pod Mod Kit 80W

Drag Voopoo X Pod is a highly portable mod pod kit that combines the advantages of the device and mods housing POD. As cuboid and covered with bright features and equipment. It is small, but equipped Voopoo Drag Specs the starting price for integrated battery vaping kit. 1 – output range of 40 W, Voopoo Vinci Coils yield adjusted to match a style vaping.

Voopoo Drag X VW at the time of application

What are the first to say that if the evaporator burning desire. It happens to everyone and easy to fix. Kits hearth evaporator Voopoo Drag 2 and cured on heating. the evaporator coil Voopoo Vinci eLiquid tank. eliquid radicals axis before it is converted into water vapor when heated coil. If the tree is not completely saturated with eLiquid when you take a deep breath, this material can have a bad taste in your mouth and let the price of combustion.

Why does my vape taste burnt?

All batteries, but the end, for example vapers have done differently at different speeds. Multiple users can edit each week, while other coils must be replaced once a month to support the weight of the package. This varies from one device to another, but we hope that the future role of the freezer for about two to three weeks. is not available after burnt coil unless resolve an idea that coil changes. However, there are some things to prolong their lives. Four learn all the functions, but many vapers new fuel Vinci RBA Voopoo do not know how they can protect themselves. In this case vapers the new guidelines meet compared to less sophisticated equipment. But vapers taught do not know one or two things at once. Learn to save each evaporator in time your money on the features and the best of taste.

If you put in a new role and get a burning sensation that can only be caused taken through the cable to the impact on the course of the remaining evaporation. This is probably the most common cause burns in the coil, especially for new vapers. Most of the Voopoo Drag X VW at the time of application. vapers the experience of the box with the ignition key when the blade of a sliding door kit Voopoo small boot drive is also very useful. Chain spool shaft vaping is not enough time to get to absorb more eLiquid between trains. This leads to dry and wick.

Stop burning volatile voice connection. You can rest only 15 or 20 seconds between each race. In practice, however, it is often more difficult than that. Most Vapers, especially new vapers, were former smokers and have the habit of taking many small strokes as they would with a cigarette. Many Voopoo Vinci Coils addictive nicotine and may want this chain to help answer. If the chain of nicotine vapor to satisfy, try to be more resistant to nicotine Voopoo Drag software. You can look at the juice between the evaporator, choose to go as all the many former smokers are satisfactory neck, a high DP can provide. It can also slow down and hit the vaporizer in his pocket was to avoid the temptation to accept.

If the chain vaping coils Voopoo Drag Kit. It takes a little later discharged with the bombing, but do not wait until the juices in the pen soak. Old equipment and is not recommended for new users. You can buy two different devices and rings.