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Voopoo Drag 2 Mini Kit sent me for review Sourcemore

What’s in the box, you ask?

– Slide 2 Platinum Mod
– USB Cable
– GEN smartcard
– User’s guide
– Warranty card

Technical specifications are also important, so here:

– Dimensions: 88.3x51x26.5mm
– Weight: 158 grams
– Batteries: 2 x 18650 (not included)
– Maximum power: 177 watts

specifications of the device, such as those found on the website:

– Material: tungsten alloy resin body
Power range -: 5-177 watts (20watt oldest Drag2)
– Output voltage: 0-7.5V
– Output current: 0-40A
– Yield: 0.05 to 5.0 Ohm
– TC Range: 100-315 C


It weighs about 217 grams without batteries lighter than alpha Maat VOOPOO Postal much higher. In this case, it was 142.5 mm high with a deposit at the site, at the bottom of 26.5 mm and 51 mm wide.

Good quality slide both platinum and platinum shell itself seems to fade and resistance to scratching. Unlike the original slide, the slide 2 has a slightly curved body to smooth the edges and in turn create a mod is very comfortable to wear.

In addition to the two resin panels and platinum finish create a Voopoo Drag Software feels luxurious in the hand. In addition Drag 2 Platinum is 1/4 the weight of the original path.


Without too ‘dislocation’ and you trigger buttons controls respond well. In more detail, precise machining. Furthermore, no burrs or sharp edges and resin panels a good appearance to the ceiling plate. While I believe that the resin panel “jump out” of the platinum finish, if they had been polished.


As with the A most online Voopoo Vinci RBA above, the center pin 510 of the jet is good and quite steep. Again the addition to the durability of the core pin spring. But the base 510, which is about 1 mm above the mod. Similar to the X-217, has been established to atomizers stop platinum finished dialing peak point mod.

The battery cover is always the same style as the series fall injuries at the bottom and lift away from the MOD for your battery. However, one point to keep in mind that there is little movement in the door. But it should be 0.5 mm longer than the company felt the motion in the occasional spray mod.

Equipped with OLED display, easy to read and harder. But in the sun, you can work on the design and not easy to read. While you can read all this at the highest level in Voopoo firmware on your PC.

options menu

– sub menu Mode: M (Custom mode), SN (serial number), EDC (firmware)
– submenu TC: M (Mode measurement), Ω-assembly (series resistance), F (founded TCR)

The menu system took some getting used to, but I would not say that it’s complicated. MOD adjustment with the addition of 1 watt, but the acceleration and non-spherical. It is quite fast though.

experience the power and accuracy of gene chip performance and tensile mode is very good 2. AC, however, is meh. Drag the same as the original, I found an excellent protection for dry and temperatures reaching more or less accurate overall, but TCR exclusive and the largest number, 80 watt limit TC major drawbacks. If we consider the use of cursor 2 exotic vaping coil temperature, you may be disappointed. It is good for the style rolls MTL However, because there is no energy and extra work by default in stainless TCR is required.

This mod is also the FIT mode, which comes with three presets: FLT1 (drums), FIT2 (taste) and Flt3 (cloud). After playing with it for a while, I think the only thing to do is read the right strength and power with power FIT1 into low, medium and high FIT2 Flt3.Voopoo Too Coils recommends using the FIT UFOrce mode in the tank, but trying on the reel, including tank T2 UFOrce arrived disappointing vaporizer.

They also say that this method does not refer to ongoing fixed; I’m trying to MTL coil 0.7 ohm, and I think that was fired was significantly higher than what I want. In my opinion, the definition of fashion is a hit-or-miss, and found no real use for it.


source mode

In power mode, the power can be adjusted from 5 W to 177 W.

Access to custom mode, the serial number and the software version by holding the + and – buttons simultaneously.

FIT mode

There are 3 modes setting mode, each trying to calculate the best settings depending on the strength of the tank. In this case, when the right way and be trained to work, but sometimes bad.

1) Saving Battery mode – low cost, but tries to maintain a sense of the battery. In addition, although the flavor is weak, it could be a lifesaver if you get caught short without a battery backup.

2) the value of a sense of focus mode – When done correctly, the result is brilliant and can not match the taste in watts manual. No doubt, when the FIT mode is better than back in the manual feed mode.

3) Cloud Extras Mode – A little less flavor and cloud electric stepping into apparently only a slight difference.

Presumably, by changing the pulse width modulation mode setting to change this.

TC mode

temperature control mode has a stainless steel (SS), nickel (Ni), titanium (Ti).
Furthermore, access to custom mode, the cooling coil and the values ​​of the coil retention ratio + – buttons simultaneously.


– pleasant to touch and not too big
– Lightweight (45grams lighter to be exact)
– It looks great with platinum mirror finish
– resin colors
– shoot very quickly, almost instantly 0.025 sec
– Chip strong GENE.FIT
– No buttons Rattle, solid!
Life – a gene chip battery managing very well.


– Battery door rattle / loose and not as comfortable as I want
– resin fact can not be removed because it changes color.
– The screen looks somewhat aligned Nona, part of the power mode W interrupted or could not be seen if we look at the angle (Perhaps this, not all).
– a magnet for fingerprints … should end mirror
– Prominent 510 of about 0.5 mm which causes the space between the tank and the mod, Ras best IMO.
– Not only is resistant to scratches, give me some small scratches for several days during use. A little disappointing …



My biggest problem with the Drag 2 mod is the vacuum created by the lifting platform 510, followed by reading the battery cover. If you do not mind the inconvenience, and if you will not use the TC mode high power, might be to your liking. home prices were reasonable, accurate and smart fixes some issues demand predecessor. Simply slide innovative as the original, but it does the job.
So I realized that I had raved a bit and quite possibly lose a few points that will try to summarize the key points below:


resin panel itself mod
I love how easy it is to fill the tank
Mod plague almost instantly
mesh coil N3 gives a good flavor
easy control of water flow
a set of very good vaporizer

resin panel itself mod
I love how easy it is to fill the tank
Mod shoots almost instant
mesh coil N3 gives a good flavor
easy water flow control
a set of very good vaporizer

It can also be used Voopoo Pnp Pod Kit mesh coil (not pro) with the reservoir


Regardless Drag the logo – a good hate
TC can not test mode
And slightly raised center pin 510

I do not like

The instruction manual for the mod is useless.
Switching modes can be good – but because of this, it is useless.
I personally do not like the menu system, but that’s just me.
Easy to damage the paint on the frame.
battery cover shifted a little boring.
The taste of a tank, but I notice that the Falcon with Horizontech as superior.

I usually quite this kit. It has its drawbacks, especially Voopoo can be easily provided if desired. In particular, the menu system and lack of information on how to ride.

I recommend it? Based on my own experience with the slide 2 Mini, I would say yes. It is far from perfect bit of kit for me, but I use it every day and you can see this mod takes me a long time. Mini slides loves his other half and really think this could be a device that pieces of wood that has cancer.

For more information, including technical specifications slide 2 Please follow this link
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Feel free to leave comments because I have never written a review and I appreciate tips. Particularly painful to write about my phone !! Voopoo Please send the kit.

Thanks health cabin

You can buy it here: Voopoo Coils

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