The truth about vape without tar

Recently, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) have become mainstream together with heated cigarettes. I’m considering using it as a trial version, but does it actually contain nicotine? Does it contain ingredients such as tar (yani)? I think some people think there is still a lot to worry about. This time, I will explain the ingredients of this electronic cigarette (VAPE) and its health effects.

Basic knowledge of “tar” contained in tobacco

Paper cigarettes usually contain a component called tar. Tar is a plant-derived resin contained in tobacco leaves. Also called tar, it is thermally decomposed by ignition and smoking, and is released with smoke. Tobacco tar contains more than 4,000 compounds, of which about 200 are considered harmful substances, and some are said to be carcinogenic. The tar is sticky and greasy, so it can stay in the smoker’s throat and lungs for a long time. The coloring power is also very strong, and tar will cause the smoker’s teeth to turn yellow, and the walls of the room will turn yellow. In addition, the unique smell of tar also causes an unpleasant smell. Since it is spread by smoke, it not only adheres to smokers, but also to the hair and clothes of non-smokers, and is characterized by emitting a strong smell.

Does electronic cigarette (VAPE) contain tar?

In recent years, smoking areas have been restricted due to the separation of smoke, and there is a growing trend to recommend quitting smoking completely. Taking into account the impact on the surrounding environment, in the headwind of smoking, some people may have switched to heated cigarettes. Heating cigarettes can also reduce sidestream smoke and tar, which can cause lung cancer, so replacing cigarettes is a good health choice. However, this does not completely prevent the intake of tar and nicotine. A heated cigarette is an article that generates steam by heating the leaves of the cigarette. Although the number is reduced compared to cigarettes that burn tobacco, the steam also contains ingredients such as tar and nicotine. Heated tobacco is a good taxable tobacco. In other words, heated tobacco cannot completely eliminate harmful substances and carcinogens, nor can it solve the odor problem.

If you want to reduce these effects, we recommend using electronic cigarettes (VAPE). Tobacco leaves are not used in electronic cigarettes (VAPE), but the flavoring liquid containing food additives and spices is heated to produce various flavored steam for people to enjoy. The electronic cigarette (VAPE) liquid sold in Japan is zero tar and zero nicotine. It doesn’t smell like tobacco, so you don’t have to worry about the smell of clothes or hair after use. It not only has almost no effect on health, but also solves the odor problem.

Can minors use zero tar and nicotine zero electronic cigarettes (VAPE)?
Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are favored by young people regardless of gender because they have a variety of designs and can be used like accessories. It feels like tobacco, but can minors use it?

Electronic cigarette (VAPE) does not contain tar because it does not use tobacco leaves, and theoretically, few people worry about the health effects of harmful substances similar to tobacco. In Japan, it is prohibited to mix nicotine in liquids used for electronic cigarettes (VAPE). Therefore, there is no dependence, and even for minors, the use of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) does not seem to be a problem. However, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) have only recently become popular. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends restricting the sale of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) to minors and the use of public facilities indoors, because many places have not yet conducted research. Some countries, including the United States, prohibit the sale and use of VAPE to minors, and some countries prohibit advertising.

There are no legal restrictions in Japan, but distributors independently supervise the sale of VAPE to minors. For example, since it does not contain nicotine, it is legal to sell it to VAPE (Bape) My Blu TM (My Blue) in Japan, so there is no problem selling it to minors. However, because we have our own sales rules over 20 years old, minors basically cannot buy

In addition, the government has included a passive smoking prevention plan in the revised “Health Promotion Law” to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, in principle, heating cigarettes must also quit smoking. In the future, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) may also withdraw from the market. If this happens, more and more minors will not be allowed to use it.

The main materials contained in the Vapor of Electronic Cigarette (VAPE)

The main ingredients contained in VAPE liquid are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), which are used as the basis of food additives and chemicals. It is sold in scented liquids such as green apple, mint and ice mint.

Because it is also an ingredient used in food, it has less impact on the human body than cigarettes or heated cigarettes containing tar or nicotine. To improve health, changing from cigarettes to VAPE is a good decision.

It is recommended for those who are worried about tar sticking in the room to use electronic cigarettes (VAPE)

If you smoke indoors, there may be tar and peculiar smell on the cloth of the room. Especially when you smoke in a rental property, you will be charged for cloth replacement when you cancel the room, which will result in additional costs. Even if you take measures such as smoking in front of a ventilator or smoking outdoors (such as on the balcony), it may cause trouble near you due to odor problems. Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) can solve such problems. Since the tar content of VAPE is zero, you don’t need to worry about stains and odors in the room. If it is difficult to change everything at once, it is best to stay indoors alone in the VAPE for a while. Continued use may lead to cessation of smoking.

Because electronic cigarettes (VAPE) do not contain tar and nicotine, they are supported by many smokers, thereby enhancing the growing health awareness in recent years. If you are considering quitting smoking, or want to give due consideration to the surrounding environment, such as sidestream smoke and odor, but do not know what to do, why not consider using electronic cigarettes (VAPE)? ..

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