The Best Mod For the VOOPOO Vaporizer – What is it?

So you have made up your mind and decided to get the best out of your life. You will be a certified expert in a new business venture and would like to make a mark. You are looking for the best VOIP phone system that suits your calling needs. This article will change your monthly telephone bill.

The Best Selling Vape-O-Pod: VOOPOO drag max This super powerful pod phone system has been rated highest among all VOIP phones in the world. The drag max is equipped with a high quality body shell, a large easy to read user manual, a unique two way voice dialing system and a quality back up feature. This super powerful pod phone system has been rated highest among all VOIP phones in the world. Please feel free to checkout top 5 best VOOPOO Vapes, discount code is also available at the bottom of this page.

The VOOPOO drag vapes from VOXA incorporating state of the art technology. It has a unique dual type-c battery pack. The type-c batteries can last long but are limited in output power and time. As the days go by the type-c batteries will run down and not give output power until the next recharge.

You can recharge your VOOPOO drag even while it is in the storage mode. This gives you the benefit of saving time and money as you do not have to use the standard rechargeable battery charger. It is a real boon when on the go. If you are thinking of VOIP telephony then you must buy this amazing product. It has a stunning body design and a large LCD screen with clear texturing.

The VOOPOO drag comes with two standard size microphones, one for single and double sided. It has a unique double firing power dial and a unique touch pad. The exterior shell has anodized aluminum frame and rubber feet. The weight is 4.4 lbs. You can see through this remarkable device in bright sunlight, it has anodized front cover, a clear acrylic side plate, and a front zip ring.

This VOOPOO drag mod offers three different wattage outputs. It has set turbo boost up to ten watts. It also has four different modes, user selectable startup modes, auto reboot and power save mode. You can increase or decrease the power with the touch of a single button. If you want to increase the wattage, simply press the turbo button and if you want to decrease it, simply press the back button.

The VOOPOO drag has a unique system of charging and batteries. It uses a one-side power delivery system where all the batteries are charged in one side, from the bottom of the unit. The dual charging system charges both the batteries at the same time. The VOOPOO drag also incorporates a unique two method passive magnetic charging system that utilizes a pair of small metallic prongs to charge the batteries. You can actually see the two pronged charging system while the unit is charging and when it is fully charged, there is a slight red glow on the front of the unit.

The VOOPOO drag has a unique one side electrical system. This system allows users to charge the unit with only one hand. Users can adjust the intensity of the sound emitted by the microphone by tilting the ear piece. The ear piece even has its own mini-phone that allows you to talk on the phone or make other calls. The VOOPOO drag has two charging systems. It has a dual charging system that allows the user to charge the unit by simply plugging one ear phone into the other or charging the unit by using a USB cable.