Review for Voopoo Nano Drag 2 Platinum Vinci X 180w Mod Manual Pnp Coils

Vapeciga Voopoo Vinci X water with a thin profile and refined ergonomics. Can there be anything better? What if the other changes that have been made? Let’s find out.

These products were shipped to Voopoo generosity so to stand the test side.

other thoughts you find below are my own and are not affected by the fact that this talent.

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Airlines flying Vinci Vinci Voopoo expand further. While many thin profile Vinci Air retains the elegant line Vinci Voopoo appearance. With the proven coil, it will surely be a hit with many. Deepens this test and more information.


Packing for Voopoo Vinci Water is the typical style Voopoo. The second interesting exercise to reduce costs or possible changes in foreign laws are not PDT version now comes with a “WARNING: This product …”. However, compared to the usual logos, photo laminated Vinci of water and its main features. While on the side is an icon of social media and QR codes for technical support, which is always nice to see. In addition to the back of the box are the contents of the box, the color kit is installed. In this case, Aurora. It is also the beginning of the authenticity, the Auditor logo and compliance with health and safety regulations.

arm withdrawal Vinci revels outside air box is perfect foam insert. Although white box containing a roll coater, a USB cable and documentation of air Vinci.

manufacturing quality

Needless to say stylish and elegant vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum carried forward in the design of the water.

It also has a little more refined for better ergonomics. the shutter button is perfectly positioned to take the thumb. Although the up and down buttons are perfectly placed on the fingers when held in the left hand. Maybe you’re right. Then up and down buttons you are in an ideal position to be used with your thumb without feeling uncomfortable. I liked how you feel the air Vinci hand.

Opt for most panels is a fingerprint magnet black and on the side. Otherwise, the body primarily bronze matte finish adds flavor improvements for Air Vinci.

It is the paint finish in the same way as a car, if it is really strong. At the same I am about to enter this test, water Vinci accidentally fell a meter and a half to a solid floor. heart pounding, I wonder what kind of damage he had done. Saw what appeared to be a big vicious, a washcloth with your finger and disappeared. No point, bumps or scratches. The Vinci Voopoo Water is a powerful hard biscuit, it is safe.

As you can see the images in this review. Needless to say this will not be a product Voopoo any point of the softer panel. In the back of Vinci Water is the appearance of very good sign in this case, Aurora. It is certainly interesting and placed in the back, the eyes of the mind to those who do not like sweets.


There is no longer a large TFT color display. Instead there is a color of the much smaller screen is not possible to keep the size down. However, the screen is still quite strong and bright. But if it had been left out of steam against, which can be full screen high power. When reading ohms can be installed perfectly placed in watts. OKAY.

Spigots new look

Of course, with a thin sheath device needs to change, even if the coils are still used PnP Voopoo including RBA. Although there is no loss of the release of the user’s not lost TPD ted 1.5 ml. But even if vaping in MV4 tank coil lot.

While new pods are formed either unfortunately, when pressed with the thumb that can swing back. The important nacelle never felt he was out of the machine, it is always annoying when you capture every now and then.

Air dimensions Vinci Voopoo permanent height 100.9 mm, width of 27 mm and a depth of 18 mm from the front rearward. Today, some can be noticed that the width of the water Vinci Vinci X. In addition, the elongate screen is carrier Vinci previous point devices. Presumably maintain the ability of the platform to the reservoir.

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Voopoo Too 180w Tc Box Mod show new limited functionality. Focus only on a right front, easy to use device only watts.

Water becomes fire Vinci usually 5 Press the shutter button. While holding the shutter button and the top Botton locks and unlocks the device. Moreover, while the initialization, the screen displays an animated logo and followed by Vinci Voopoo Air Gene.AI and the version of the firmware.


mode automatically return detects the absence of breathing I characterized symbol “P”. Presumingly is for cooking press, it is good to see the return of function inhalation automatically. But for those who disagree, you can enable or disable the click of a button three fires. One point to note, automatic fire seems a bit slower to respond than the original Vinci.

Watt is controlled by the up and on the side with a range of 5-30 W. But unlike X Vinci with low resistance range down, the air Vinci made in the coil support 0.45Ω. Which will come into play with PnP-RBA

One of the notable features that have been removed is the story against blowing. In favor of the counter is continuously displayed on the screen. While holding the shutter button and a button to clear the table and panting.

Battery use

Voopoo battery Vinci water was somewhat disappointing when DTL coil takes less than half a day to good use is used. Of course, all this is rather small 900 mAh battery. But with a device of this size, I think a bigger battery would have been possible. As usual, the battery life is always dependent on the use.

Load Vinci is water through a USB port on the top. Of course, this greatly reduces the syndrome fell upon which fell several AIO is suffering. In addition, charging 5V 1A makes it perfect for charging at home or at work.

fill in

Vinci method Voopoo water filling is the same as the previous models Vinci. sufficient silicone gasket and retraction load. It’s nice and quick easy. Without the new larger reservoir hole, you can use a medium sized bottle for loading.


Voopoo Drag Manual click in buy is more limited than previous models Vinci.

While the air flow is essentially controlled by the user you can change the air flow through the sheath 180˚ rotation. Although pods air inlet in a single hole, the air flow is MTL. Furthermore, the gondola was changed to three input ports, air flow is now suitable for DTL. It allows you to customize or air mass.

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Replacement reel
Let’s start with the question on the lips of most people. It is a water leak Voopoo Vinci? Tests in water with a sheath leaf and Vinci-liquid for 48 hours. So it does not fall, even after two weeks minimum accumulation vaping condensation. Moreover, it seems that the curse is over leaks Vinci.

With it’s easy to replace, simply remove the pods and remove the old roll Plug and Play (PnP). Also they included in the new coil and left to rest and saturated coils for 15-20 minutes.

Moreover, this process could be accelerated and some coil-liquid before entering them. A few drops in the heat of the coil should be sufficient.

PnP-R2 MTL 1.0 Ω Coil – General

Sometimes it obtained in the coils and the coils cause pain problems. While the first test with a variety of exotic fruit flavors maintenance 70VG e-liquid and relatively good is 10 – coil 15W. But every time I take Vinci Air PnP-R2 coil flooding. Although not escape the coil sheath itself becomes saturated, whistles and spit in my dissatisfaction. Remember that this is the coil 70VG MTL e-liquid, so we did not try to 50 pg.

naddition, no matter what method I’m trying to speed patient, you want to vaping. even leaving the “dry” coils for 48 hours in vain.

Unfortunately, I can not assume I have received a defective coil, it happens occasionally.

DTL-MV4 PnP mesh coil 0.6Ω

PnP absorbing MV4 is a dream, even when the chain vaping 70VG cotton continues to increase. Tasteful 4 VM-0.6 Ω Coil Mesh, with a little cream, ideal for candy liquid-based e. Although nominally 20-28 W, I prefer to spray around 23-25 ​​W.


This Voopoo Pnp Replacement Coils get code with a chip Gene.AI the same as in other models Vinci, giving up eight functions to keep safe Vinci Mod X Mod Pod.

10 seconds to protect against burning coil.
battery discharge protection battery is not too low and becomes unusable.
The maximum power protection, which helps prevent the coil from burning.
output protection to ensure that the output is maintained within the limits of the protection and water Vinci.
reverse battery protection, to maintain security and water Vinci.
short circuit protection, to protect the battery.
Protection against overheating, form TC MOD ensure good battery and electronics are in a safe temperature.
overload protection overload protection.
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Water Voopoo Vinci
Dimension 18 (D) x 27 (W) x 100.9 (H) mm
5 W output power regime – 30 W
output voltage V 3.2 4.2
the type of battery, and the internal number 900 mAh
Mod Materials zinc alloy, PCTG
resistance range of 0.45 to 3 Ω
but S
Although there is much to like about the air Voopoo Vinci, there are two small problems. The first camera pod size, I wish I had seen a larger battery of 900 mAh. Secondly, there is the backward movement of the platform. While peas are unlikely to fall. However, a bit confusing, and as the cost of such points Voopoo quality water Vinci structure.

With the theme of water leakage Voopoo Vinci Vinci apparently overcome Voopoo sheath makes it perfect for light kit. Although there were problems with PnP-R2 coil in the review sample. However, the broken coil strange happens, it’s just one of those things. In addition, a lot of good sense coil produces various Voopoo PnP.

Only a slight decrease was 900 mAh battery. However, it becomes a device that is lighter and it would be good for a summer shirt pocket.

These products have been shipped to Voopoo kind generosity to withstand the test side.
other thoughts you will find below are mine and are not affected by the fact that this talent.
Please note that this article may contain affiliate links, which helped fund the site vaporizer Make ‘N’.

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