How Do I Build a Vape Coil?

What is a Vaping Coil? A Vaping Coil refers to the heating element that comes with all of the different kinds of E-liquid that are created. There are two kinds of these heating elements, which include the Spring Coils and the Push-Over Coils. The difference between the two is just the physical construction of the unit. The push over coil will allow you to place your E-liquid into the center section where the vapor will be forced through the coils and then exits the coil at the bottom.

vape coil

So how can I make a good Vapor Cigarette? With the vapor that comes out of your E-liquid it is going to have vaporized sugar and other natural components that will mix with the air that is around it. When you take a long drag of your E-liquid it will be travelling through your lungs and then your air system. Because of this travel the sugar and other stuff will stick to the inside of the coils. A higher resistance coil will have a higher resistance and therefore will require a larger and thicker coil in order to ensure that there is as little of the unwanted substance within the coils as possible.

How can I add flavour to my E-Liquid? By adding extra flavour to your E-liquid it will enhance the vapour that you are creating. Some vapers like to create a more subtle flavours and others like to focus on creating a very powerful and distinct flavour. There are also those vapers that prefer to create their own recipes with the juices, and those that like to purchase ready mixes and recipes from their favourite vendors. For most of the stronger flavoured juices you may even want to use some ice to keep it cool during the freezing process.

How do I measure the resistance of my RDA? To find the resistance of your RDA, you will need to place the Ohm meter inside of your vaporizer. Most vaporizers that contain preloaded coils will have an indicator which will show the resistance value that you are currently working with. To find the resistance of your RDA you can either take a multimeter or a watt meter.

Why should I buy quality components for my E-Cigarette? When using your E-Cigarette you are going to be adding liquid chemicals into your lungs and to your skin. By purchasing quality components you are ensuring that you are not consuming any harmful chemicals into your body. As well, when you are building your own coils you are reducing the chances of experiencing toxic reactions to the preloaded coils.

Is it safe to use your own E-juice and rebuild your own coils? In general, yes. Many E-juices available on the market are extremely sweet, which can cause harsh flavours if not diluted properly. As well, many E-juices contain harmful chemicals such as Acetone, Ethyl Alcohol and Lithium Carbonate. If you are looking for an all-natural e-juice, then you may want to consider building your own personal DIY juice system.

So how can I increase the strength of my Coil? Increasing the strength of your coil is a very simple process. You will need a potent base (acidic or base) and then you can add your own flavours. With your own personal flavouring you can ensure that the flavour is very concentrated into your vapour, therefore increasing the strength of your vapor. This technique also ensures that you are able to control the level of vaporisation, therefore achieving a perfect e-liquid experience.

How do I adjust the Temperature of my Coil? The temperature control of your Coil is done in two ways. First by adjusting the temperature of the coil to the temperature of your choice and/or adjusted through the use of a wattage mode. Secondly, you can also adjust the temperature of the coil by un-threading the coil. This method allows the wick to be soaked up by the acid/base material and prevent it from leaking out, thus producing a more intense flavour in your vapor.